Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Why was I Born ?

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Why was I born ? Lord!, wont you answer me
Was I to be a mute witness
As my friends in this journey
Reached out back to you
Why me ? looking up at you pitifully

Why was I born? Lord!, wont you listen to me
Was I to be happy with myself
While my comrades in this journey
Lay sick and poor, lay at your behest
Why me ? why was I alone loaded and healthy

Why was I born ? Lord!, wont you lend me your ears
Was I alone, to be safe and secure
Whilst you unleashed your fury on them
As nature roared and wiped out lives,
Why me ? Warm and cozy at home all these years

Why was I born ? Lord!, please do reply
In these years of modernity
When colour and creed are not key
After all my forerunners faced all shame
Why me ? In all honour and pride; eyes dry

Why was I born ? Lord!, are you still there.
Why the silence ? Aren`t my cries heard ?
Lord!, at last I hear thou voice
“My child, your friends, all under my wing
Learning a lesson, you learning down there”


Lavanya said...

The quest for the very purpose of your life?! And He answered as well! Beautifully written:-)

Maya Cassis said...

beautiful and appealing.

Maya Cassis said...

looking forward to more poetry.keep it comin.:)

Srijith Unni said...

@Lavanya : The Q&A session may not be complete as yet, but I jus liked to leave the writing that way. Short @ sweet, Thanks for your appreciation.

@Maya : Thanks a lot!, I just wish, poetry came so frequently and easily to me.. Well it takes time, I guess..

Dreamvendor said...

Wow! You write real good poems! Well-written dude!

Srijith Unni said...

Hi DV,

Thanks a lot!.
Do come back..



Hey..Very different n interesting perception towards why me or why was i born? Most people would say "I didnt get this n tht n complain" but u see the positives n ask why were u not the one to take the ordeals....Thts wht i got fromthe poem...I hope I perceived it right.....Liked it a lot...U r a deep thinker man!:)

Srijith Unni said...

Hi scribblez,

You perceived it pretty perfectly.

I guess all bloggers are deep thinkers, all may not be philosophical, but all do think.

What do you say.? Don`t you ?



Hey, I know I think...Am a thinking machine...But it is all useless stuff...And ya, only people who can think and be fine to express wht they think can blog! :)

Anonymous said...

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