Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Sea and Beyond

In those moments of truthful silence
With deepest desires, eyes filled
Of passion, of treading the world hence
Life seems still, as courage is instilled.
Unlike an obstacle, the waves really charm
The salty breeze seems so hard to resist
Will they hug me and set my mind at calm ?
Or will I drift away, like the sand from my fist ?
Far ahead, I see a ship set sail
As the birds make a ruckus, much like the waves
From the sea, shall be born a great tale
Else the road lies dark to long forgotten graves
The lonely wave grows really tall
My thoughts they are, my life they make
In drenched glory, I yearn to see it all
Or is this just a mirage for my earthy sake ?
The ship moves afar as the sun sets to sleep
In my blindness, do I see nature taunt?
My legs in the sand, are down pretty deep
Will I conquer the calm blue sea, and everything beyond ?


Seema said...

Silence, courage, doubts n turmoil…
Beyond all of it a lining of hope…The sea captures human emotions to the T…n u've done it amazingly well in these words !
The picture is a feather in the cap ! Beautiful

Hip Grandma said...

"Unlike an obstacle, the waves really charm/The salty breeze seems so hard to resist"

I feel so too,Only thing I cannot puy it in words like you.Good one!

iamvisheshur said...

nice poem..funny how many people are thinking in the same lines(including me)...not a coincidence...

Lera said...

Srijith ,That's a beautiful poetic expression !The sea is always connected to the depth of our emotions and we become intricately responsive to it's charm :)

Sreejith Kumar said...

Boss, you are great! Brilliant man...

The ship moves afar as the sun sets to sleepIn my blindness

Loved it...

Srijith Unni said...

@Seema: Yes Seema, you got it right..! At least my feelings when I penned these words down, have reached out..! :) thank you!

@Hip Grandma: It doesn`t matter, how we put it, Hip Grandma.. you`ve already published a wave of new ideas and thoughts on your blog..!

@Vishesh: Strange times, strange ages we are in, aren`t we vishesh.. surely not a coincidence.

@Lera: Poetry in itself is always about expression, lera. Whatever the ingredients it`s the touch which matters..:)

@Sreejith: Thanks, Sree.. Nice to know that you appreciate it.!

Has to be me said...

nice one as usual! :)

Marutham said...

WOW....Am speechless....
Great work as always :) srijith
Your poems & the picture are like made for select the right pics :)
Keep rocking

Jac said...

You will conquer, if you be yourself.

Good one.

priya said...

You have carved it all together to say how life goes with our emotions and feelings in different path.

Keshi said...

Thats why the Ocean is one of my fav things in this world.


Jac said...

I have a confusion with two sreejiths as my readers. So when I happen to visit one, I am naturally tempted to visit the other too.

I see that you have no new post

passerby55 said...

*** Will I conquer the calm blue sea, and everything beyond ?

Maybe stretching a hand of friendship towards it, could help to see everything beyond.

Srijith, this is a beautiful poem by the sea.

***Or will I drift away, like the sand from my fist ?.
those are some great words.They speak volumes like the deep, unknown depths of the sea.

alex said...


Dropped in to say 'HI'.

Marthyan said...

From the sea, shall be born a great tale
Else the road lies dark to long forgotten graves

Hey Unni
I love the lines, not just these but all the whole thing

take Care

Srijith Unni said...

@H2BME: Thanks a lot..! :)

@Marutham: Thanks a lot, Marutham. Yes I like to add that visual effect ;)

@Jac: Thanks Jac, for the inspiration.. I always need that.

@Priya: Well understood, priya..!

@Keshi: :) that`s nice to know.

@Passerby55: Thanks passerby..! You`ve always added more meaning to my posts..! They would have been incomplete otherwise.. :)

@Alex: Hi Alex..! thanks for the support..! :)

@Marthyan: Thanks Marthyan.. :)

Deepa said...

You showed me the sea..though your depiction
Her turbulent surface..chides my emotions
Her serene belly...recalls my intentions
The setting sun...reminds me of lost time
Fistful of sand...coerceing to let bygones be
Wave's dance with winds...accentuates team-spirit
Sails at full mast.....suggests effeciency at peak