Monday, April 02, 2007

3 things to let know.

Yes..! I have three things to let know. First thing is of course that I`ve again been mercilessly tagged by Sreejith. This guy is just not going to let me rest..! :-)
Secondly, I have not been active on the blogosphere recently. Well!, there is currently a lot of change happening in my professional life and my mind does not have the necessary space in terms of time and energy to really post/comment. So forgive me about that.. Will be back soon and kicking..! There`s no permanent goodbye to blogging on the cards at all.
Thirdly, Wish you all a great time.. Keep Dropping by and blogging yourselves..!
... and, now the taG.
Three things that scare me

* Big Rats, Centipedes and Heights.

Three people who make me laugh

* Charlie Chaplin
* Jagathy Sreekumar
* A big group of teasing friends

Three things I love

* Poetry
* A Good Movie
* A Good Dose of Sleep

Three things I hate

* An Unnecessary Crowd
* Over the top Restriction of Freedom.
* A Dilemma :-)

Three things I don't understand

* Why good things dont last forever
* How Time moves so slow, when you want it to move fast
* Where we will reach at the end of it all.

Three things I am doing now

* A lot of thinking
* Listening to "Sivaji" Music
* Searching for a new Desktop Picture.. Everything except working..!:)

Three things I want to do before I die

* Write a book of poems and stories..!
* Speak at a public gathering
* Lend my full fledged hand to a social cause.

Three things I can do

* Dream a Lot.!
* Talk to some friend anytime
* Eat beyond my limits..!

Three things you should listen to

* Soulful Music
* Voices of Children
* Opinions of Elders

Three things you should never listen to

* Something bad about a third person
* Sycophancy
* Anything demotivating

Three things I'd like to learn
* To ride a bike
* To moonwalk
* Photography

Three favourite books
Narrowing down my favourite books to three would be injustice so let`s make it three recent books, i`ve read.
* Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts
* Godan, by Premchand
* The Argumentative Indian, by Amartya Sen

Three favourite foods

* Idiyappam with Ishtu!
* Masala Dosa
* Kadai Chicken

Three beverages I drink regularly

* Light Coffee
* Iced Tea
* Tender Coconut Water

Three TV shows/books I watched/read when I was kid

* Ramanand Sagar`s Ramayana (T.V Serial )
* Tintin, By Herge
* Chandamama
And finally I tag three of my good friends, who painfully seem to have suddenly shut off from the blogosphere, in the hope that they return... I tag,


Nariyal Chutney said...

In addition to what you have said one thing I never understood is the corollary .How Time moves so fast, when you want it to move slow.

priya said...

All 3 things are beautiful Unni.

mathew said...

Shantaram..I just love the book..esp the quotes that are laced throughout the pages..

Deepak said...

Good going with the tag. :)

And yeah, I too miss Maya. :(

k said...

three Things about the post : Beautiful, intresting and sounsds honest.Chandamama : i Even now I continue to read as I am regularly subscribing it for my son. :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite coconut water is ONE!

iamvisheshur said...

good to c u back!!

Kakshi said...

Looks like even you have been away when I was takin a break too..
Now that both of us are back..lets get kickin @ blogosphere!

barbi said...

stopping by for the first time in this blog.

a nice one. every thing except working??

i also used to see ramayana and other ramanand sagar's epics..

Jac said...

Very well taken and frank !

Bur Maya doesn't keep a blog. Try the link yourself.

Srijith Unni said...

@Nariyal: Haa haa..! So true.. So true indeed..!

@Priya: Thanks a lot, Priya..!

@Mathew: Truly, Mathew.. I really cherished every word in that book..!

@Deepak: Thanks Deepak.. ! Let`s hope she comes back.

@Chitra: Yes, pretty honest and done in a hurry..! :) That`s a good thing you are doing for your child..!

@Vishesh: Yes Vishesh, i`m back and thanks for waiting for me my friend.!

@Kakshi: Yes..! Let`s get kickin..! :)

@Barbi: A Warm Welcome, Barbi..! Yes not much of work, recently.. :) Yes you can never forget them..!

@Jac: Thanks Jac..! And about Maya, Jac!, actually she did use to keep a blog and a wonderful one at that. I guess she deleted it now..

Hip Grandma said...

'And finally I tag three of my good friends, who painfully seem to have suddenly shut off from the blogosphere, in the hope that they return... I tag,Maya, Gaurav and Scribblez.'
you can't complain'you were absent withot information yourself