Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frozen in Time

The hand that toiled long, day and night
O` How I yearn to touch that immortal hand
To feel the warmth, love, pain and might
It`s owner had, while, he walked this blessed land.

The chariot remains, for all eyes to see,
Carved in stone, it does not roll.
Frozen in time, it remains golden history
Sculptor friend, is your name today on a scroll ?

The wheels, so round, so strong
The pillars so smooth, so elegant
Such a piece of marvel, nowhere wrong
Heavy it must be, the poor elephant.!

Had the chariot moved, it would have been lost
Lost; we would have, all beauty
All Myth, history, all dreams of your ghost.
No.! You stayed, my friend, did your duty.

Among rocks and boulders, your city stands
With silent magic, serene, all peace to thee
At night, I wander around, spellbound among the sands
Frozen in time, in magic, your work, our Hampi.!


Dwarak said...

Well written poem.. Excellent choice of words.. i wonder and admire the way you take topics to address!! sooper da

Naveen said...

The beauty and majesty of hampi beautifully expressed ... one can make out from your posts that you are a person who takes pride in our history, traditions and all that make us what we are .... hats off

Keshi said...

ur so thankful to the ancient workers who made the place so beautiful. and thats great!


vishesh said...

lovely....beautiful...i wonder how much they must have toiled for what???just food...

Mystery said...

hey..that was a lovely poem..its nice to know that atleast some people value our history and tradition..:)

first time here...:D

here said...

the chariot, wow you amaze me, i know too, ahhhhhh this is so difficult but i love you

Jac said...

Very well done srejith and subject too, very unusual.

starry nights said...

Beautiful and well written poem srijith.

Srijith Unni said...

@Dwarak: Thanks Da..! I dont sit to choose topics.. I write only when i spontaneously have something to write..

@Naveen : Yes Naveen, I think one of the foremost contributions, India, can make to the world, any day is our culture and tradition.

@Keshi: Yes, Keshi. It`s my humble tribute to their skills.

@Vishesh: Whatever they toiled for, i`m sure they enjoyed and worshipped their work equally, and so it shows today.!

@Mystery: Thanks a lot. Do Keep Coming.

@here: Thanks for your words of encouragement. Please share your name/url.!

@Jac: Thanks Jac.! Unusual? Perhaps too old a topic you mean.. ;-)

@Starry: So nice to see you back here, after such a long time, starry..! Thanks for your much desired words of appreciation.

Thank you All..!

MM said...

The words have such a surreal feel to them, Sri..

Awesome, as usual..


Neha Nair said...

You wrote tat urself?? if u did... it was just FAB!!

Srijith Unni said...

@Velu : Thanks Velu, coming from you, i feel really happy and encouraged..!

@Neha: Yes Neha, Poetry is something i`m passionate about. Thanks a lot..! Welcome in here..! Keep Dropping in.. It`s always nice to know such multitalented people like you.

Keshi said...

hows u Srijith!


Marutham said...

What can i say??


And the pics u choose everytime that goes with the song... oooo!! :)

Lovely srijith...Lovely! :)

I wish those men behind making these historic figures are alive to read how u write abt them.

With smiles & amusement,
Marutham. :)

Keshi said...

hows u hows u Srijtih? :)


Vijesh said...

that needs a huge round of applause.. Nice work! Lots of talent with huh! :)

Prash said...

I really missed my Hampi trip just because I took a wrong train...and ended up taking a flight to Bangalore and our friends cancelled the trip and we spent our weekend in Bangalore...this was like 5 yrs ago. Now, I really want to go there...after seeing the Angkor temples of Cambodia...i should see Hampi

Hip Grandma said...

Did you visit Hampi?Well written.You seem to see new angles of everything.BTW I've tagged you.Take your time.

Beenzzz said...

Lovely poem! You have a wonderful blog here.

Jac said...

No updates ?? I am back Sree.

Vinod said...

well written sir

Anonymous said...

Hello srijith

May this Diwali bring many good things for you and give you many reasons to smile. May the auspicious festival of lights brighten every corner of your world with gleaming moments of happiness. May you experience success in all your ventures. Have a Happy Diwali


Keshi said...

Saying HI Srijith!


priya said...

Just to let u know, my url is changed. Chk my profile.

Srijith Unni said...

Keshi, Jac.. thanks a lot for checking on me.. Still settling back slowly.. ..! :)

Hip Grandma, thanks for the tag.. I don`t know when i`ll do it.. but i will do for sure..

Beenz, thanks a lot..!

Marutham, Thanks a lot..!

Vijesh: Pleasure`s mine.. thank you..

Prash : You sure must..!

Passerby55: So nice to see Happy Deepavali, Hugs..!

Srijith Unni said...

Priya, thanks for letting me know.. i`ve changed my reader settings..!

Itz me!!! said...

hey too good a poem :-)