Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Paths, we walk upon

It was one humid month in Calicut, when the oncoming of the monsoon rains was eagerly awaited by everyone. Afternoons, after an heavy lunch were often unbearably hot, when most of the elders in the house stretched themselves on the floor, fans running at full speed. But my city bred mind, which spent a majority of it`s life within a flat in Chennai could not rest easy. After all there was no one to stop you from roaming around, perhaps the hope of discovering some age old treasure dug under the house or near some pond. It is in childhood, that we often bring out the Ulysses in all of us, the urge to see and conquer the world around could not subside easily.

And so I walked long and far, past the Bhagavathi Temple, stopped to look at the closed temple premises from outside, the swords clothed in red, the silent grass which too seemed to be resting, No breeze, no sound from the trees, everything taking a silent siesta, or remaining quiet, so that they did not incur the wrath of the goddess, by waking her up. My mind was now in a dilemma as to whether to proceed or not. I hadn`t ventured so far earlier ever before, To go beyond the temple, without a grown up accompanying me was like taking the first step into what surely was a big bad dark world out there. Then the brave me shouted to the child in me, "You are in the fifth standard now, Come On.." and so I took my first step beyond the temple steps. A great moment, a moment signifying the coming of age..!

The road was empty, no one seemed to be around, the trees just kept whispering around me. I had decided I would have to walk as long as it wont get too late and mother wouldn`t know. Each step was a victory, an accomplishment. And then I saw it the house, painted in white, flower pots kept before it. It looked beautiful, it was somehow reassuring to the little adventurer, the tired traveller in the desert who had just seen an oasis. I kept walking towards it, To just pluck one of those beautiful flowers, and come home and show my sister, proof of the brave journey, her big brother had just made. I was sure she would be envious.

And then it happened..!

There was a rustling sound, and I saw this big colourful bird, like a giant hen, atleast three times bigger than one, rushing furiously at me, making this thundering cackling sound. I dont remember much, only that I`ve never run so fast, in my life before. The P.T. teacher at school would have been proud of me. I ran and ran, fell down twice, bruised both my knees. Time seemed to be going on and on, but at last I reached home. It`s only then that I realized I hadn`t even looked behind even once.

My mother was drowsily standing at the doorsteps. She saw me, gave me a good glance and gave a sigh.
"You must have been upto something I guess. Come let`s get a bath, and have those new wounds plastered. Ammamma has prepared snacks for you"

I smiled and followed her. The secret remained a secret, my first ever encounter with a Turkey.

Today years afterwards, I did get the chance to walk that great path again. The house wasn`t there, no flower pots. In it`s place there was a brand new bungalow. But I still could remember that turkey`s nasty look. My heart skipped a beat.!

Truly strange are the paths, we walk upon...


chitra said...

True, certain childhood memories still haunt.

I would also like to go through the lanes i walked past as a child. But that seems to be a remote possibility :(

Happy new year and may you continue to post in your blog at a regular basis for the benefit of us.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hello !

i loved the bird bit ... that was real nice !

happy new year !

-- Deepa

Unknown said...

@Chitra : Yes childhood memories are never easily forgotten. They come back and give you those few moments of joy. :) A very happy and prosperous new year to you too. Trying my best to blog more frequently..
Thanks Once Again.

@Deepa : Haa haa..! Yes sort of funny, that i`ve never got to see a turkey again in my life..Wish you too a very happy and prosperous new year.

Vishesh said...

lol! funny creatures...they are...and funny to have a country with the same name...:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Nostalgic post. I really love posts about people revisiting their childhood memories.
It was a refreshing read, after a long time.
You should write more often.

starry said...

Love this is so wonderful to go down memory klane and think of some of the encounters we had.

monsoon dreams said...

hi sreejith,
glad to read ur post after a small interval and u made me nostalgic.keep posting.have a great day!

Sreejith Panickar said...

That was a wonderful read Sree... A good selection of picture as well... Keep writing...

Unknown said...

@Vishesh: Not just funny, vishesh.. They can be quite scary as well.!

@Deepak: I`m trying a lot to do so, deepak, Will try to keep writing.. Thanks for reading..!

@Starry: Thanks a lot, Starry..!

@Mosson-Dreams: Pleasure, completely mine..! Thanks for visiting.. Come back soon.!

@Sreejith: Thanks a lot, Sree.. Unable to write as frequently, trying to make up ..!

Priya said...


May be you took the flower which turkey loved it too. A good chase huh, I can imagine thou'. How have you been?

Sunil said...

Hello Dear,
Sorry for being late over here.

Truly speaking while reading your post I felt as if this is my story. Such is the power in your narration style.

Childhood is definitely the best time & I often wonder that nature has provided us with everything we need to stay happy, still as we grow we tend to find happiness in things which really don't make us happy. And maybe that is why childhood memories are the best because at that time we are not in pursuit of happiness rather we stay in the state of happiness.

I really liked this post.
Have a nice time ahead. :)

mathew said...

hehehe..this post actually made me laugh in the end..because it reminded me of a similar chase, but unfortunately i was chased by a dog back then!!;-P

Naveen Prabhu said...

so the "ulysses" found the "cyclops" in the turkey ... u make me nostalgic ..:)

tulipspeaks said...

first time here, and you just brought my memories of childhood back! in my case, its a goose. *shy


Anonymous said...

Did not know you were from Calicut

Sandeep Menon said...

Hey lovely post.... I could almost imagined myself running back home in your shoes...Your words have described those feelings so well... It's indeed sad that building activity is engulfing kerala in the name of development in such a frenzied pace that I find it hard to even superimpose the past impressions of those lanes imprinted in my memory to the present concrete jungle one finds there....