Friday, May 02, 2008

Ritual of Madness

"Painted by The Hand of God" - Painting by Gretchen M Smith.

The sky is painted in reddish shades
Drowsy sun, seems eager to leave
Red is the sky, red is the grass and blades
My blood and vermillion, together they grieve

Bells clang, small lamps lit in a fiery dance
The temple stands witness. silent and calm
Down, down, my forehead splits thence;
They all stare, like bees, a swarm

My mind, i`ve heard, is stable not
Lively, it flows, my red head, so numb
Stability, thy meaning, i so forgot
Desires at heart, to life i won`t succumb

When, my blood dries, cure, is to come my way
The lamps take life, and light up the godly face
Her merciful eyes, wont let my madness stay
Or so they say, to my clouded reddish haze

Farewell, I bid, amidst their hymns of pride
Smeared in colours, to walk along a peering mile
At her feet, i kneel, at her lips, my eyes ride
Forgive my mind, but is that a mocking smile.?


vishesh said...

beautiful :)

Sreejith Kumar said...

Beautiful lines as usual Sri!

Santosh said...

Srijith...bumped into your blog. Very good. Keep writing.

Keshi said...

WOW! As usual, enigmatic and very clever.


Srijith Unni said...

@Vishesh: Thanks a lot, Vishesh.! You are so unfailing in your commenting.. i`m so humbled.Thanks a lot.!

@Sreejith: Thanks sree, how`re you doing..?

@santosh::) Thanks santosh.. keep bumping in. You yourself have a beautiful blog. Travelling is a great pastime.

@keshi: Thanks a lot, Keshi.. This poem is based on an actual ritual which used to be performed in Chottanikara temple in kerala, where mentally unstable people used to actually bang their heads in front of the goddess bhagavathi/shakthi. Trying to analyze such a person`s mind.

Friends, i`m trying my best to write often, but nowadays like so many of our old friends, finding it hard keep my blog updated, as well as blog hop around as frequently as i used to. But i`m always around here and there..:)

Khalida said...

Thanks for writing this.