Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Colours of Life

 Pic Courtesy : www.indigoextra.com

“It is getting dark”, I must leave she said,
With a smile, I nodded my head
When again, we both did not know
Though sad, our faces did not show

“One last game”, my brother did plead.
“Alright”, she said, “I shall lead”.
Happy I was, for that last time
Play, we shall, like lost lifetime

Colour, Colour! What colour do you choose?
Green, it would be, like her, I did muse.
“Green!” she said and my brother fled
Caught some leaves, “I’m safe”, he shouted.

Leaves, I could have caught, but I ran
To nowhere green, did my legs slant
Fast I ran, all around her giggling sound
Yet, slow I was feeling the bare feet ground.

Ran, I did round and round and all around
If she caught me, or I got safe and sound
By touching green, I knew the game would end
As my legs hurt, I rejoiced at every bend.

Laugh, we did, at our silly game.
Confused, my brother angrily came.
“What are we playing”, he wanted to know
Both of us wobbled, like penguins in snow

Dark it was, so we had to part
Part we did, our lives crept apart
Far away, like her I could not muse
Like mine, her heart, I could not deduce.

Years and Years, we finally did meet.
Shook hands, relived all old tales sweet
With her beloved, to smile at me, she did choose
Colour, Colour! What colour do you choose?


Vijesh said...

Fantastic compose! Seriously took me back few years!

vishesh said...

experience? memories we cherish is what makes a person rich or poor :)

Keshi said...

excellent writing Srijith! Touched me.


Srijith Unni said...

@Vijesh: Thanks, Yeah, It`s just something that has happened to me, several years back. :)

@Vishesh: Yes vishesh, my own experience. :)

@Keshi: Thank you keshi.! Like vishesh said, just sharing some of my cherished memories. :)

Helen Wang said...

Nice poem! Subtle sentiment... we all share at some point in life.

Thank you for stopping by at my blog. Indeed long time and Good to see you too.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Good to read from you Sri. I love the sweetness and passion in the lines coming out of your..., oh well,.. keyboard I should say... :-) Do well again!

VIDYA said...

PINk! so i think .... with a WINK ;)

hehe ....

tht was a lovely poem :) :) i remember playing tht game when ages ago.

Srijith Unni said...

@Helen: Thanks Helen, yes a sentiment, we`ve all had. :)

@Sreejith:.. Well! Keyborad.. Lol.! Thanks sree..!

@Vidya: Yes Vidya, we`ve all played that game and that`s what makes it so magical now..

Jyothsna said...

You have a nice blog here and nice style of writing. Add this blog to the blogroll, hope it's ok with you.

Solitaire said...

Makes me nostalgic!

meetu said...
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chitra said...

so sweet :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Jyothsna : Thanks jyothsna, my pleasure.

@Solitaire: :) Yeah those lines were borne out of my own nostalgia.

@Chitra: Thanks a lot, Chitra!