Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Accepting with Gratitude...

Two awards, which were granted to me by two wonderful people Starry and Hip Hop G'mom, both wonderfully honest and brilliant bloggers themselves.

I remember how I once read this post about Starry encountering a bobcat in her beautiful garden. The whole experience so fresh, and the innocence in her writing struck me deeply. Have always followed her blog since then. The honesty with which she has been talking about all her family, her own health, sharing all her joys and sorrows is truly remarkable. Thanks Starry, for this award.!

Hip Hop G'mom has the most refreshing blog around, with her little ditties about life, family, children, social conscience, the teaching profession, grand children and what not? She brings an experience of a lifetime in to her writing.!

Thank you, again for bestowing this award on me.

Having said that, this kind of recognition from my friends here, does tend to embarrass me. Am I worthy of all this, I often ask myself. I have not even been writing much in a long time. Have not really taken the time and effort to let the creative juices flowing. I hope I am able to write more and do justice to your impressions.!

I'm not awarding this to anyone right now. I'll keep it with me for a while. (Selfish me!). Honestly speaking, I have too many people out there, who I want to give it to.


beena said...

serene picture on ur blog.. adn well written

vishesh said...

lol :P

RandomThoughts said...

Congrats Srijith! u deserve it.

How have been doing?


starry nights said...

Srijith..thank you and I think you truly deserve this award.

Srijith Unni said...

@Beena : Thanks a lot!

@Vishesh: Yeah LOL!..

@Rashmi: Thanks a lot, Rashmi. Have been doing fine. Happy new year to you.

@Starry : :) Thanks for giving it. :