Thursday, December 19, 2013

Back to the Past

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To that realm when time turns translucent
To that era I wish my body and soul be sent
When the line blurs between our known history
And the mythical times of magic and mystery

To those years when master carpenters roamed around
Sculpting the abode of gods from stones
To those times when those lives were real and sound
When sages did penance and turned to bones

To those simpler times, shall I time travel
When she nursed her mean husband's sores
And stopped the sun, until it came to her doors
Where tales of character, I could unravel

The divine connection, that lend it's spirit
To the king who built the biggest temples
And yet chose to bless the lady who served
Her simple food to the tired sculptors

That divine spirit!, Shall thy take me back ?
To those times, when rivers built lives
And forests were but a second home
When skies showered gifts of wet nectar

Till I reach there, I fear, I may lose my rhyme
My rhythm and music and joy; Till I dissolve
In the essence of time and nature
In the magic and mystery of those times.

Let me go. Let me dissolve...

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