Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Great Illusion

Pic Credit : Erik Johansson

"She hates me, my friend, I'm sure"
"No she's just shy. Don't rub her the wrong way."
They stood at the edge of their colony, all poor.
But dreams had no limits, their eyes beamed, ready to play.

"I don't have enough set apart", he cried.
"Don't make me sell my wares!", she did retort.
O' The regular bickering, the colony sighed.
The words sharp as arrows, yet a quiver empty of thought.

"Little one, I'll always be there for you", she lied
"Pray my child, that tomorrow shall be brighter"
The little one believes, all good lives, all evil has died.
But in the colony, like night and day, Evil and good were always bound tighter

Suddenly, of a great flood, there came chants
Their lives, worries and dreams all perished in the sands
The old lady had woken up and watered the plants
Alas, she knew not, under those leaves there lived a colony of ants.

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