Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is Marriage Blasphemous.

I was rather shocked, when I came across this Article here - Muslim groups want Da Vinci Code banned.

I totally agree that hurting religious sentiments is not correct, and will stand against such deliberate defamation, but what is rather atrocious is the reason they cite.

In the Holy Koran it is written clearly that Jesus is one of our prophets.
The film Da Vinci Code says Jesus was a married man. That is blasphemous

Just because a man is married, does it mean that he is no more a righteous person, does he lose all his virtues just because he married..? Does he lose to qualify in being a prophet just because he tied the knot.

Why is it these people don`t feel that the policy of triple talaq is blasphemous ? Why don`t they raise their voices about a man having more than one wife. ? Why is it that they don`t raise voices against racism, terrorism and other evils in the society as enthusiastically. ???

"The film shows our Prophet Jesus Christ in a bad light. I have not read
the book but I am told that the author says Prophet Jesus Christ had a child.
This will not be tolerated by any Muslim," said Maulana Saeed Noori, general
secretary, Raza Academy, an organisation that works for the uplift of

With all respect to the Holy Quran and the entire Muslim Community in India, it doesn`t matter what this movie conveys, it`s already a bestseller as a book.



Oh...How radical are those words....The church denounced Mary, her righteous position and called her a "prostitude"..A couple of years ago they called her a "saint" when it was clear that others had gotten the evidence tht she was married to Jesus....Tht in itself is hipocracy...
Now to hear the Muslims say tht...
You r absolutely right...Wht about the way they marry and treat others...Very smart question asked...

I have read the book n guess would see it too tomorrow!! :)

dhruv said...

hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. Now, I have some strong words for religious groups, religion and people who thought of the concept called 'religion' inorder to divide us humans :/ But I'll restrain myself.

I feel, people shouldn't be giving any importance to such religious fanatics. They are big time n00bs :) If I were you, I wouldn't waste precious bytes of memory on these fools.

Srijith Unni said...

@scribblez : Yes, those words were so paradoxical in thought that they immediately set off this smart question :-))
Have a nice time, watching the movie..

@Dhruv : You`re right. THere should only be philosophy and faith, nothing should be earmarked as religion. lol! dhruv, how do you look at everything in terms of bits and bytes.

Deepak said...

@Dhruv: "Religion" was not a concept created to divide people. They were made to help people lead a disciplined life.
But the whole intent of religion became corrupt in the course of time and it became what you are talking about - fanaticism, divide etc.

(Means, I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm merely adding a PS note :) )

@Srijith: If you ask me, religion is philosophy and faith. (Some people, "fanatics" we call them, don't think so. That is another issue)
What I believe is that every single person has a unique religion for himself, i.e. unique faith and unique principles.

BTW, have you read about a news about a papyrus called "Gospel of Judas" which was unearthed in Egypt? It had proof that Judas was not a traitor at all!! Another distortion of facts by the Vatican?

(The church had enraged me when they said that Harry Potter series promoted witchcraft.)

Srijith Unni said...

@Deepak : You are very true, when you say that every person has his own unique philosophy and faith and that is his religion. and let me add that`s the way it should be, What i was telling about was about the divisions. In any application form you have a column called Religion, where you have to specify Hindu/Muslim/Christian, not a compulsion of course, but that is what is demanded, and there they just don`t give enough space to write about our philosophy and faith.

Maya Cassis said...

Some people just wait to create a ruckus.I heard tat the movie is coming out with some censorship:(

Ram said...

You know, the thing with some of these extremists or fanatics or jackasses is that they take so much stuff out of context. Selective perception at its worst - take one line in a text and distort it so much that you hardly remember what was said in the first place.

The furor over the Da Vinci Code is ridiculous to say the least. Only the person who is insecure with his faith will start shouting over something as trivial as a movie or a book.


Srijith Unni said...

@Maya : you`re right, some people just want all this ruckus to happen so that they can get into the limelight of it.

@Ram : The furore is ridiculous, and your thoughts about selective perception do strike a chord.

Prash said...

The book Da Vinci Code = a book which can be read in a metro, train, bus or a plane...not an extra-ordinary piece of literary work.

The movie Da Vinci Code = no spice in the movie...kind of boring.

Well, I am not religious. But I do understand the religious people's anxiety on this issue. 2000 yrs theory that Jesus is the Son of God who didn;'t marry is wrong..that hurts!!! he is afterall a human being married and made a women pregnant...that hurts!!! I understand though i do not agree with them...But only fanatics who disagree and ban the book or the movie...

Srijith Unni said...

@Prash : I agree with you, It is difficult to change their ideas drastically over an ordinary book and a boring movie, but it`s just that I feel that being married or having a child should not disqualify one from being a prophet.

Ajay said...

this is really crazy!!!
I bet there are all hidden agendas
Like the chance to get noticed
the chance to cause a stir and restlesness
no tolerance they have huh ?
well to each one his / her own ...

Srijith Unni said...

@ Ajay : Well, your words sum up the frustration we feel on seeing these people taking things out of context. Anyway, it`s all over now, I guess no use fretting over it.

Abhialldeway said...

hey i am a da vinci code is a bundle of bull.........meaningless ways to stir up de already low spirited ppl. i saw de movie......really far out in de crap n bull way.


Srijith Unni said...

@abhialldeway : Yeah, I heard that the movie is boring and uninteresting. If it does make some money it`s only because of this controversy.

it's Mr.Nasty said...

it is really atrocious..
what were these people doing when the book was released and was a big hit..
and more surprising is that it was not banned in many catholic countries..
why here?
btw u raised a valid question..
did u get the answer?

Srijith Unni said...

Mr. Nasty : Hi!. Thanks for the visit. Yes, their words were atrocious. and.. Nah.. I haven`t got any concrete answer yet.