Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Homecoming

Chugged, the train, on a roll
Screeching to a swift halt.
I jumped, quick, a happy doll
A pleasure, both sweet and salt

The morning, fresh, and dew clear
Lazily lifting fog, and wet earth
Walking along, a hero`s tread
With pride, adventure so near

Filled the lungs, of sweetest air
Whistling along, a hip hop song
Wind sweeping my gentle hair
Smiling at the birds, road so long.

Amidst crowded buffalo herds
Trotting upon paddy fields
Greeting sunshine with pleasant words
On my toes, with restless heels.

At the gate, floating at heart
Fluttering butterflies, a thousand,
Fluttering in my stomach; I shout!
“I`m home!” Home sweet home!



Am familiar with country music but this is the first country poem. I love country stuff too...Amazing poem...I could actually picture myself walking after descending the train too!

Gaurav Jain said...

Me too. Totally lost myself in the poem... Wished the poem was longer :)

Wonderful piece of writing!

priya said...

Its really wondrful!!!
I think you have a seperate blog for poetry.

Madhu said...

good one, was picturing my soon to come trip back to india, it sure did bring a big smile on my face.

Ekta said...

ooh wow!
I envy u!!Guess when uv been outta home for long..nothing can match the excitment of reaching home:-)
Enjoy ur stay!

Keshi said...

ur home sounds like the most beautiful country side ever...


Srijith Unni said...

@ scribblez : Yes, scribblez, the country side is always so beautiful and romantic, that it easily inspires..

@Gaurav: :) Yeah i too wish i could carry it on and on, but it`s best short and sweet, leaves, you thinking about it.. Thanks for the appreciation.

@Priya : Thanks a lot!, No, priya poetry is part of my life, I dont want another blog for it. That`s why I provided link to all poems in the sidebar.

@Madhu : It surely must bring one :) There`s nothing as exciting as going back home.

@ekta : Actually ekta, I haven`t gone home. Was just visualizing how such a trip would be. Anyway thanks for your wishes.!

Srijith Unni said...

@keshi : I missed you by the fraction of a second. Thanks! Yeah, all country side homes are heavenly. !!!

Dew Drops said...

wen will i go home?? ;-(

Has to be me said...

Thats a lovely painting & nice words go with it. R u home as yet? U frm Kerala isnt it? where in kerala?

Srijith Unni said...

@dew drop : I dont know, but do go often.. Thanks for dropping in..

@Has to be me : The painting`s not mine, the words are though. I`m from Tirur, near Calicut.. not so near really..

starry nights said...

Beautiful poem, i can almost see you happy to be home. and smelling the nice fresh air.

Prash said...

Eda money dinesha,

It is a nice poem.
Home Sweet Home..you said it!!!

samrina said...

Beautiful thought, nicely expressed.

Hope u doing fine there.


Reshmi said...

Filled the lungs, of sweetest air
Whistling along, a hip hop song..

beautiful lines..:)

Srijith Unni said...

@starry nights: Thanks a lot, Lalita. Yes we all would certainly be happy to be home. The excitement of coming back to home is tremendous.

@Prash: Thanks eda mone dineshaa..! Thanks for the appreciation.

@Samrina : Yes, samrina, I`m doing perfectly fine. YOu take care too..

@Reshmi : Hi Reshmi, Thanks for your appreciation. Do drop in often.

Thanks for commenting, guys!!

Maya Cassis said...

home is where the heart is and it holds so true everywhere.nobody likes to be displaced from it,least of all me.
A lovely poem to pass the day
have a great day,sri :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Maya : That`s so true. Home is really where the heart is, It always is. But one thing i`ve noticed is that when we are displaced, the journey back to home once in a while gives you the kind of happiness, which I may not get when I stay at home for 1 month.
YOu too have a great day. Have Fun.

Rose said...

Wow! this was exactly how i felt when i used to come back to Kerala on semester brks during my MBA.. There is nothing that feels more blissful than home..



Srijith Unni said...

@Rose : Hi ! I`m happy you could relate to the post. So you`ve done your MBA..? Great! Thanks for your comments..!

a country fellow said...

wish my parents were in our village in kottayam. i jus cant do stuff like this wen i go to trivandrum. it does feel good, but not that much.

surajsharma said...

hello sir,
thanks for stopping by on my blog. Your blog is marvellous as well, and to me, in some ways, you and your blog are reminiscent of the old show "Malgudi Days", which of course, is a compliment :)

Srijith Unni said...

@ country fellow : I understand city life just cannot ever bring us in the proximity which we need with nature and the feeling of being @ home.. Very true. Though Trivandrum is also in Kerala, it cannot have the lush beutiful country side of Kottayam. ;-) In fact you being "a country fellow" I understand you perfectly.

@Suraj : Suraj, You know what ?? That was an awesome compliment..! "Malgudi Days" is a masterpiece, the stories as well as the show. Thanks a lot! Do keep visiting. :)

Amimu said...

nice !

Srijith Unni said...

@amimu : Thanks a lot!, Do come back!

Marthyan said...


That was a nice one, The picture and the words go so well together.

The picture also reminds me of some old texts books I studied in schoool days.

Good going dude

Srijith Unni said...

@Marthyan : Hi!, Thanks a lot for the appreciation. I am so happy you could relate to it!

Kakshi said...

Good one ...
Could actually picturize everything...
Man u r talented...

Maya Cassis said...

srijith,you need to update a profile pic...:)

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