Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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It is amazingly interesting at times, how tags make us ponder and look at ourselves with an investigative eye. There is this sudden urge, in us to be real interesting personalities. yet, when we finally sit down to write, the real us, the inner truth is revealed. Passerby55 , for example has always given me insights into myself after reading whatever I had written in my tags. Though always positive, the feedback has really helped. Thank you.!

Now I have one tag pending to complete, from Marutham, so thought, i`ll finish that as well, and check out whether i actually will find out something more about myself.

So here goes...

6 Questions...

1. Why does time move fast, when we want it to move slow ? slow, when we want it to move fast.?

2. We try to look at every day as a new dawn, a new period of great opportunities. Yet how is it that 7 separate days become just a week gone by, 4 weeks become just a month gone by and 12 months, a new year. A year with new wishes, resolutions and opportunities, and again day by day... Will our lives become just a lifetime gone by ?

3. We all have taken decisions in our lives and therefore we are travelling in a particular route. Will there come a day when i will retrace my steps, go back and take a new decision, changing the very direction my life had taken previously ?

4. Which is more important for an individual. Is it taking care of one`s family or career and a bigger role in the contribution to society in general ? Why is it that many great people did not have a normal family domestic life. Is it something more than a coincidence ?

5. Why is it that while being a child, I was worried about my homework and my low marks in the exams and then going to office and working seemed much more tolerable and easy. ? Why is it that now work at office drains my energy, although i just sit and type away. ? Why does the routine of a school child seem so easy and my thoughts as a child back then, so silly. ?

6. When, where and how will I, someday look back at my life and say.."That was not bad..!" ?

6 Human Beings...

Of course, this would have to include my parents, sister, friends, relatives, blog pals and so on...
So moving ahead, I wonder... who else..? So I write here in random order about 6 people who I have not even met, or who have not been there in my lifetime, but people who still influenced me greatly, who inspired me and have helped add dimensions to my thought process.

1. Swami Vivekananda, his life, his teachings, his work all have inspired millions around the globe. His Vedanta philosophy is the most modern facet of the Hindu way of life and he has been a symbol of grace, power and spirituality. In his search for liberation of the Indian youth, he travelled to the west and helped the world rediscover India in all it`s greatness.

The power of meditation and service to the needy are brilliant gems which he scattered all around the country. India today needs a man of such heights in spiritual thought and vision for the country.

2. Mother Theresa is in reality just one word "Mother". There needs no introduction at all. A lady who made the world cry, overpowered by love.

Her all encompassing spirit of sacrifice and service is perhaps the greatest inspiration for any NGO looking to do some real social work.

3. When we switch on the bulb, we think of Thomas Alva Edison, but here is a small tribute to the lady who made the dull boy discarded from school, work on with determination to become one of the most important scientists of all time.

His mother, Nancy Elliot Edison who coached Edison and taught him to brave against the world. Due to her persistence, today nights are no more dark.

4. Lance Armstrong is a great sportsman and the very epitome of sportsmanship as a quality. But above all that what really tugs at the heart is his grit and determination, helping him fight testicular cancer, which spread right upto his brain. His story of how he survived against all odds and went on to win the Tour De France again is a shining example of how one needs to fight back at life, when it puts you down.

5. William Wordsworth, is one person, which I know i am constantly speaking of, and that might be unforgivingly repetitive, but I must say this. As a child, when I read "The Daffodils", or "The Stolen Boat Ride", there was this sheer excitement in my mind, this great yearning to grab more and consume more. There was this great urge to look out at nature and love it more. Like I said in my earlier post, William Wordsworth shall always be my greatest inspiration atleast as far as poetry is concerned.

6. Mahatma Gandhi is a name which kept coming to my mind. I am not a big Gandhian. I dont really remind myself of Gandhi regularly. I have even had diverse opinions of him and his ideologies while reading about Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose or even Nathuram Godse. But the fact remains, that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, had made a journey, had struggled and conquered, had achieved a lot in finally being hailed as the "Mahatma". His message of peace and non-violence is what we really need today in today`s world, where countries wait like watchdogs, ready with their nuclear warheads, signing treaties left and right, yet there is an underlying restlessness, which can only be resolved through peace. Here, is a man, who we should be proud of.

There, that really did drain my energy. Whoever is interested and feel that you too have some important questions to be answered, some nice people about whom you need to talk, please take up this tag, so that we share more and discover each other.


Footnote : Do your bit for Nirali. Please read more about this noble cause at Starry`s Blog here.


Sreejith Kumar said...

Good selection of questions! I think this tag really made you pursue your own thoughts and feelings quite a lot, recollect something long forgotten etc. I do not have answer to any!

I am for most of the celebrities mentioned here. Never heard of Edison's mother! Thanks a lot for sharing that info. Lance Armstrong is an outstanding personality you can always mention for moxie. I had Wordsworth in my mind when I started reading Vivekananada, and swiftly did a random eye search in the following to see if he was there; and yes he was!

Gandhi - I simply snub him. It was a shame that Subhas Bose called this man 'The father of our nation'.

Jigs said...

Very well written! I can see you put alot of thought into writing this. Ipagpatuloy mo! (Keep it up!)

Gaurav Jain said...

Amazing people, amazing post!

Hey I have a little side question: When I checked your blog on 24th your this post wasn't up on the blog, yet it shows it was posted on 22nd August. Am confused how this happened!!!

Srijith Unni said...

@Sreejith : Nice to know that enjoyed the post.. Yes, was really thinking a lot, while writing this. Yes, I thought so, that you might snub gandhi ;-) but sreejith, we have never lived in the times of gandhi. We are, in fact the next generation. Our view point is based on our knowledge of history. History is written by different people with different outlook. May be Gandhi was wrong in several places, yet he must have surely done something of good, is what I feel.

@Jigs : Hey Jigs, thanks a lot! yeah did put in a lot of thought.!

@Gaurav : Thanks ol` boy.. Hey I dont know about the date.. will have to check that.. i think it is due to this upgrading to beta..! I`ll check it out..!

Helen Wang said...

A great post! Very thoughtful. We may not have answers to all these quesitons, but by asking those questions, you helped us ponder the meaning of life....

The six humanbeings you cited are wonderful examples for us.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

whew !

that was real long ... and am sure it REALLY did drain ur energy !

what is the cause abt ?

Alapana said...

I generally dont like tags,but the one before,about books and now this one made me sit through the whole post. Very genuine attempt i feel. specially the questions which you raised made me sit and think.I am going to read this post again.

Has to be me said...

Hmmm so its rainy tags in ur blog eh?! Good one srijith. I like Swami Vivekananda & Mother Teresa too.

Srijith Unni said...

@Helen Wang : Thanks Helen, for pondering over the questions, and also sharing your thoughts over here.. Hope I get some answers from you.

@Deepa: Yes!, Drain my energy, it sure did!. The cause is to save a small 8-year old child who is suffering from cancer and requires a bone marrow transplant from an Asian, South Indian Donor. The cause is to spread awareness. The links provided on the post have all the details.

@Alapana : Thanks for that great comment. I too was not really enthusiastic about tags to start with. Hope you were able to achieve something from all the thinking.

@Has to be me :yeah you`re right.. finished the tags now.. shall reflect and post something now..
Nice to know you share some of the liking.

Ram said...

Nice - a bit of introspection does wonders for one's self.

And, man, you seem to have been inundated with tags. I think you know more about yourself now than you ever intended to!

I think Mother Theresa was awesome, I'm thinking of reading up on her life...how did she start? where did she find her calling? I'm fascinated and humbled at the same time, you know?

Later buddy!

passerby55 said...

I was comparing all the tags you have done till date. I realise you given a thought to every thing before you penned this one down. Your very true feelings and true thoughts have emerged so honestly.

srijith , there is some strong force or guidance (maybe your parents) who essentially have taught and grounded into you that good is good and bad is bad.

trust me the path for such is difficult out there. but i realise you are among those who enjoy the journey rather than the end of it.

A well written, wonderful post
I see A Strong Determination and can it be softer than this?
"A soft determined person".

Keshi said...

Some great Qns ans some really great ppl there!


Srijith Unni said...

@Ram: Yes, quite a bit of introspection for me.. Nice to see you drop in Ram.. like the old times i must say :) Yes Mother Theresa.. her life how she went about it, is something we all know. Shall let you know if I come across such a good book.!

@Passerby55: So that is what I am.. A soft determined person.. and your answer is quite right.. I am soft.. though with determination to achieve or bring to reality my dreams. Thanks for everything, my friend.

@Keshi : Yeah, some great questions, which I need to find answers to.. Thanks for coming by Keshi..!