Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Unfit to Learn ?

Education is not a luxury. It is a necessity. When people have the drive, even when they are physically challenged, then why does the system alone disadvantage them so.

The college authorities require the student to have not more than 70% disability level ( I dont know how they come up with these figures). She was certified to be 65% disable in one report and 87% in another later. How can the figures change so much ?

Why cant they tweak things a bit to accomodate
this girl.

A three-member board set up by the college to re-examine Sushmita's
disability claims that she suffers from severe post-polio palsy and has
virtually no muscle power in her legs. "She suffers from severe motor disability
the grade is 87 per cent and she can not take the strain of study and also
future work. She should have been advised to pursues a sedentary job," said Dr
Ramesh Nanda, CDMO in Sambalpur.

Is it just that they are worried about the girl bearing the strain, or is it their own stress and strain in teaching this girl that they are talking about.

Without giving up Sushmita took the entrance exam again this year only to
have her hopes dashed again. "These conflicting reports have marred my career.
Such irresponsibility has killed my desire to go ahead in life," Sushmita said.

She says her desire to go ahead in life has been killed, but the harsh truth is that our own dreams of a great developed nation takes a beating here.

"I have even lost the zeal to live. I have said all this in my mail to the
[Indian] President. I strongly believe he will come to my rescue," she

We hope so too, that he comes to her rescue. But this is just one case. Going ahead how many such lives can the president alone come and rescue.

There is a role society can play in working with NGO`s to overcome such situations and provide such children a meaning to their lives. Perhaps the society can work on creating a special institution in itself for these physically challenged but intellectually great sons and daughters of the soil. Does anyone know of such efforts ? If so, a proper step would be to spread some awareness.


Sreejith said...

really sad that the system instead of being the support structure is a impediment in their progress.

starry nights said...

This is so sad. Over here in the U.S A physically challenged or mentally challenged child is given a lot more opportunities. even regarding admission to a school or college and also when you take the SAT ot LSAT ot Gre or GMAT exams. the person is given more time and also I have heard that a lot more consideration is given to this particular child during the admission process. If she has the will and stamina to do what she wants to do then she should be given the opportunity to do so.


This is the first time I hear about disability levels. It sunds so harsh. As it is the person is suffering and then you have conflicting reports marring ones future? The President can not only help this one girl but make statutes tht helps everyone as he has the power to make such suggestions. I really dont know how we can help NGO's.

Srijith Unni said...

@Sreejith : Yes, Sreejith, it is very sad.. This system is like a maze which has no opening and no exit, and it feels like we are stranded in it.

@Starry : Exactly, starry. Exactly.. that is what we need to do.. allow them some bandwidth to flex the rules a bit.. They dont do that, they keep rules and regulations strong.. No one cares how much they are broken by people supposed to maintain the system..

Something like, in Dan Brown`s Novel, "Who will guard the guards. "

@Scribblez :Yes Disability levels.. sounds so harsh and stone- hearted.I agree he has the power to make suggestions, but ultimately the supreme power in a democracy are the people themselves. It feels so helpless, waiting for the president to intervene until he does...

Has to be me said...

This is being so mean & harsh to a disabled person. Im sure if she cud afford bribe the concerned persons, this wud;ve never become an issue. Such pathetic plight!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

u r right ... therez no point in waiting for some1 or the other to help .. but what r we doing other than express our comments here ?

and i loved ur previous post .. i agree 100 % with what u have said abt life and death

a country fellow said...

pathetic state of affairs, must say.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Laws for man, and not man for laws. Alas! Our systems have more to do with numbers and percentages. There are many such Sushmitas around; victims of such numbers and systems......

Srijith Unni said...

@Has to be me : You know what ? I wouldn`t be surprised, if they later reject her admission citing the reason, that by bribing, she encouraged corruption..

@Deepa : I am actually trying to find out what we can do. This post was the first step towards that. I have actually found out about Bhoomi which builds schools for underprivileged children. I shall more when I find out.

@Country Fellow : Truly Pathetic.!

@Sreejith : Seriously! I am still pondering about how the general public can reach out to all those sushmitas..

Helen Wang said...

I agree with you, no one should be denied the education right. Good article!

passerby55 said...


well done!

thanks for taking the time to write this post.

a few days ago i read where said an office had a receptionist who was physically handicapped....bravo!

let us give them equal opportunity, and their deserved status.
i was viewing this programme on ZEE....a singing competition by saregama team.

there is a contestant, a young boy who sings well and is blind.

he is truly so humble and he spoke so well...

we need to respect and appreciate all their efforts...they deserve it.

Srijith Unni said...

@Helen : Yes, Helen no one should be denied and at the same time, less privileged people should have more lee way.

@Passerby55 : Thanks a lot for your support. The examples you gave are indeed heartwarming.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

good thing .... would like to help u

Gaurav Jain said...

That's sad and tragic. I wish the girl all the best. I think there are schools and colleges for the disabled, but am not sure if they are widespread or even enough.

Hip Grandma said...

reminds me of a case I knew.the girl was handicapped and entitled to an annual stipend of 500/- or 700/- rupees.her parents applied for the grant and the girl went on with her studies.unfortunately her cheque came in after she passed away.the college is in a fix as to whether the money could be transferred after her death.They made the parents come ten times but no decision was taken saying that her case was the first of its kind and they need time to think.now the parents say that they'd rather be left alone.In India we seem to waste a lot of time just'Thinking'

Srijith Unni said...

@Deepa : Thanks a lot.! Your help would sure go a long way. I shall write about my ideas later, after I have found out a few things to tackle such problems.

@Gaurav : Yes, these are special schools, that being the main reason that they are far and few. And most of the time, sadly there is no proper funding and facilities.

@Hip Grandma : An equally tragic and sad story there. It`s true! the system misses out on good things, thinking. while it does not even blink a eye, when there are things, which are to be thought about.

Alapana said...

We have reservations and rules bent for everyone but the truley deserving in our socity i guess.What is she asking for? Only a step nearner to make her dreams come true and is it so difficult for our govt and authorities to give her so? How can u quantify disability? physically challenged but why not rate those emotionally challenged fit for nothing politicians? nonsense,i really really wish she gets what she ahs a right over.
Infact i remember two yrs back we were in the councilling hall for the admissions into the PG courses in our college.A girl who couldn walk atall,her legs are just for namesake,she cannot use cretches also,she crawls and uses her hands as help for climbing steps,buses or to even take a step towards a chair came for admission into Msc Electronics and i saw a faculty posted at a counter discouraging her that it would be difficult for her to travel to all the labs located in various places and asked her to take a course in some small college and that where no walking/crawling is needed.One question is "How dare he decides for a girl who can make her own decisions? she fought for the seat and got it,and for 2yrs her mom used to carry her to the class daily,imagine a 20yr old girl being carried like a toddler and then she topped the college,stood first,Head held high she walked out of the college,maybe not on her own legs but then she is someone whom i am proud of. All they need is a hand,they will make their dreams come true.
Sorry for a big comment,but then couldn stop myself from doing so.

Srijith Unni said...

@Alapana : Hi! On the contrary, though long, I really enjoyed reading your comment. Welcome in here.! Your story about that girl, was immensely inspiring to say the least. Thanks a lot for sharing. Yes, they show great will-power and thirst to strive for success and we just put them down, with our carelessness. You truly made me think.!

Neers said...

heyy... this place is quite interesting!!

and yes, WE as citizens also need to take upon ourselves to do our bit for the society, nation, humans...

thanks Srijith for taking time out for the visit and the words! :)

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