Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Renaissance

Pic Courtesy - ecosyn.us

Deep burned the forest fire
To a thin line, did the river fade.
Red hot clouds covering nature’s raid
Vanquishing all, a huge funeral pyre.

Shrieks rent the air, so warm indeed
In panic, in haste did the fauna run
Thirst to quench and stomachs to feed
No trees, no shadows, under the red hot sun.

The Lame, the old, the weak and meek
Sadly succumbed to the hot pursuit
A quick farewell, others rush, solace to seek
Mere survival at the mind’s root.

Nerves of courage and eyelids droop
From hunger and fatigue, they all fall asleep
As dark clouds appear, like the enemy’s troupe
And the rain pelts down, upon the hill so steep.

After hours and hours, open are the eyes
Happy and thankful, a surprised smile
As flowers bloom, a sparrow flies
The forest whispers, life still worthwhile.


Maya Cassis said...

"Mere survival at the mind’s root."

spoken like a born writer.Really Sreejith you were meant to write,especially poems.They are brimming with brilliance.

Sreejith Kumar said...

The last four lines were so soothing... Buster, you write well.

starry nights said...

Just beautiful. love your poems.I can alsmost experience what is happening.

Ajay said...

life still worthwile . . .
these beautiful words sum it all

Balaji said...


Happiness after sorrow
A cycle to follow...


passerby55 said...

a flying sparrow
blooming flowers
forest whispering

can truth be any more simple than this...

a poetry of hope amidst doubt and fear......leaving a surprise smile
accompanied with happiness.

Srijith, you put life into nature and gave hope to many.

Jigs said...

Well written. I'm not good with writing poetry. But I like reading them specially if they are this good. :)

Hip Grandma said...

'After hours and hours, open are the eyes
Happy and thankful, a surprised smile
As flowers bloom, a sparrow flies
The forest whispers, life still worthwhile.'

Isn't it hope and a wish to survive that ultimately sees us through trying times.Very well written

Alapana said...

Yes life is sure worthwhile.Hope is all we have which makes us lookup for a tomorrow.
Wonderful writing Srijith,whenever i come here i find words so soothing. Keep writing.

Marutham said...


The last 4 four line- i just loved'Em... Great r these works!! :)


For some reason I could not help but think of "brave heart" while reading this...Enchanting one Srijith..The pic too is something one can dwell about or upon like the poem in itself! :)

Ram said...

The wheel of life, with darkness comes light and with death springs life, how true, how sad, how powerful!

I second everything Maya says, this is what makes you YOU :)

Gaurav Jain said...

beautiful! what a majestic way to express the problems of forest fires, and to bring about the healing that rain can bring!

Srijith Unni said...

@Maya : Thanks a lot!, you often surprise me with your appreciation.. I am just a struggling writer.. :)

@Sreejith : Thanks a lot, Pal, for reading and appreciating.

@Starry Nights : Poetry is in itself an experience, if we are not able to experience them, we cannot appreciate them. That is one of the reasons, poems about simple facets of life instantly strike a chord with us.

@Ajay : Loong time, my friend. Yes Life still worthwhile, i wanted to really sum it up all, and these words suited the mood.

@Balaji : So true. It sure is a cycle to follow, otherwise we would never appreciate happiness, never appreciate life.

Passerby55: Some of the greatest lessons for life are learnt from the nature around us. We have a lot more to learn as well. Thanks for your kind words..

@Jigs : Anyone who loves and cares for life and the world, can become a poet easily. I`m sure therefore that you can be one too. Thanks for your appreciation, buddy.

@Hip Grandma : Exactly, just thought of reinforcing that idea, which nature has been teaching us through the ages.

@Alapana : Yes, Hope is what makes us go on and on.. So true. Nice to know that you found it soothing. Shall sure write more as they come.

@Marutham : Thanks a lot, marutham. Thanks for your kind words.

@Scribblez : Very true scribblez, nice to see that you noticed that. Yes, forest fires are beautiful, yet scary and disastrous, quite synonymous with life and it`s problems. You are truly a deep thinker.

@Ram : It is the intense belief in this cycle that keeps us going isn`t it.? Thanks for your kind words.

@Gaurav Jain : Hey you changed your profile pic. Nice one there, you look leaner though. just few simple words to talk about lessons nature teaches us through such calamities.

Thank You all for your kind comments and encouragement. I hope to write more and make each visit memorable for you all.

mathew said...

Wow..I never knew u write nice poems..Hope to see more of em..

Velu Nair said...

At times I am kinda confused as to what impresses me most - ur effortless prose thats a style apart or the poetic gems that u gift us with from time to time.

Yet another fantabulous one.
I'm all awed.

Srijith Unni said...

@Mathew : Yeah I do write poems.. You can find links to all my poems in the sidebar.

@Velu : Thanks for your generous and kind words. Shall try my best to keep upto your expectations.