Thursday, September 28, 2006

The weirdo that I am...!

Man, in all his spheres of life, strives to be successful. Some among humanity believe that being different from others or being abnormal shall make them stand out. There is just a narrow thin line between being different and abnormal, and that is when you understand that however different you are, you still remain an integral part of humanity, of the world and nature. But we all in our normal day to day routines of life do get strange occasionally; we become different from the people around us, by certain separate characteristic traits.

Sreejith and Gaurav have tagged me and in the process set me out on a journey to find these strange traces of my character sketch. In simpler words, they would like to know about the weirdo that I am.

There are a few rules to this tag, of course that I must tag six people, leave comments on their blogs, and also tell six weird things about myself. So here goes…

Built-In Echo System : I speak less and am the type of guy who would tend to go quiet when among a group of people. Yet when I speak something, I then keep repeating it in my mind, until I have spoken my next few words. I do not know whether this is due to my shyness or whether I am perfecting my speech, but most often this happens without my knowledge and my friends often tease me for that. Anyway so there you have it, one weird aspect of mine, which I have discovered.

Bathroom Dancer : Well!, this is a bit private, yet felt that this cannot be missed. You would have heard about bathroom singers, but I am a crazy bathroom dancer. I just love splashing water all over the walls, hopping around so much like a monkey and have a great happy time while I bath. I have always liked to dance, but I simply cannot get any steps right, when I want. So in the privacy of a bathroom, I just let go.

Green Peas Hater : I am a great lover of food. I can really eat anything except for green peas, something which I really don’t like. It`s not about the taste, it`s not about the shape, but the truth remains that I hate green peas, especially when they are fried.

Emotional Rollercoaster : In my six years of college, if there is one thing that I have enjoyed most, it is being teased, and yet at times my emotions differ from person to person. Some friends tease me like hell, and yet all I do is laugh with them, meanwhile I can easily get hurt rather irregularly when certain friends even make a passing remark. I know that this does not have anything to do with the intimacy of the relationship which I have with my friends. I believe it is yet another trace of weirdness in me. And gladly many friends understand me.

Snake Lover : I just have this great respect and admiration for these wonderful reptiles and yet I have to agree, I am awfully scared of them too. If there is one living thing on earth which has awed me with its persona, it will have to be a snake. And talking about snakes, my favourite one shall always be the King Cobra. Whenever I used to visit my ancestral house in Kerala, I always spend a couple of lonely moments near the sarpa kaavu or a small ecosystem, near the house, which is left alone and undisturbed for the snakes.

Constant Speculator : I constantly bet upon things happening around me and try to make predictions for the future based upon the results, though they have no relation whatsoever. For example, I would assume that if I cross the road before the red car comes near, then I will be able to leave early from office. I place my bets safely too, because the red car is always sufficiently far away. So much, for my belief in astrology.

Now I need to tag six people, so with great pride and privilege I tag…

Ram, Marutham, Reshmi, Passerby55, Hip Grandma and Jigs.


Sreejith Kumar said...

Nice that you have taken it up!

I am hearing this bathroom dancing for the first time! It seems really weird and I shall try that too! :P One of my friends also has a strong dislike of green peas! I fear snakes and dogs... The red car issue was so interesting.....

Has to be me said...

Thats a v.interesting read Srijith!
LOL@ bathroom dancing!
And guess what I also just HATE green peas. U know I get so disappointed when ppl make peas pulao or paneer mutter masala when they invite me fr lunch/dinner! Anycase these days im tryng @ adjusting myself to atleast reduce the aversion! But thats a really strnage & weird aversion &im glad i;ve company!!!
Snake lover - Oh my!
& BTW does the red car issue really work for u? I use that kinda stategy fr my decision making when Im confused!! heee hee! :))

priya said...

SUnni: Now we know u can dance huh!!! Its good to have few things private coz we fell better than doing it in public.

Snakes: I will definitely runaway. Even watching in tvs makes me weird at my night dreams. I try not to watch it. Youa re brave enuf to go for it.

Astro: I think I go with colors with my intution and if it works I happens to use that color for the better.

Green peas: I see a lot of ppl' hating it. On my side, I love it. Sorry guys who do not eat peas. I am a big fan of peas!!!!

Hip Grandma said...

you are like me in the sensitivity level to jokes by friends.Depends on my mood on the particular day.Nice responses and glad to know that I am not the only weird one around.I'll take up the tag soon.

passerby55 said...

yes, i know a capricorn is good dancer. and given the training he/she can excel. NOw, srijith are there bathroom trainers around..*smile*

yes, i also know that they are crowd pullers. they excel in an around good GALS. 'chickpeas' *joking here*.

this tag is not an easy one, but i will take it up... let me first find out some weird things about myself..... i am trying to observe myself very carefully the next few days....


PS: i looked up for your sign after reading this. btw i guess HRITHIK Roshan is a capricornian.
i read he too practises in the bathroom....

Srijith Unni said...

@Sreejith : Yes, thanks for the tag,Sreejith. I really ended up finding out a few weird things about myself..

@Has to be me: Thanks a lot! It`s so nice to know that many people have a dislike for green peas... So that makes it less weird doesn`t it.? I too am glad i`ve company. and about the strategy do use it..! it works :) hee hee!

@Priya : Do you think i must have not mentioned, the dancing part..? Well!, I dont know because I just wrote what came to my mind.. after what`s a blog for..? and nice to meet a lover of green peas,, now I think that is weird..! :) :) hee hee! Snakes are beautiful creatures..

@Hip Grandma : Exactly..! Depends upon my mood.. too..! No Hip Grandms, there are lots of us weird ones around.! :)

@Passerby55 : no..No Bathroom Trainers..! I train myself.. and about being a crowd puller among gals.. hmmm.. perhaps caricorn isn`t my sunsign then..:) I`m just too bad at it..! Do take it up and have fun!

Thank you dear friends for all your comments..!

Nishikanth N said...

Hello Srijith.
You said about, how u get teased by your friends.And i have always been a mute spectator then. To be true, i never joined them while teasing, because i always thought u had some emotional feeling going through your heart, when got teased.
I have always been your admirer, i have learnt lot from u.

Deepak said...

Bathroom dance?? Be careful lest you may slip and fall. :p

Snakes... I'm also weird with the snakes in the fact that I am not at all afraid of them.

Red car stuff is interesting. LOL

I absolutely love Green Peas.

Balaji said...

Hi Sri,

Snakes have always created awe and fear in me. I am always enchanted by the shows that feature snakes.

I love peas. best with noodles.... :)

The following link contains a book written by Anouradha Bakshi, of an NGO called Project Why based in Delhi. I do read her blogs and have always found it thought provoking and profound ( Do read the blog when you get time.
I know that you are an avid reader. Can you please read the book below and give your opinion on the same.

Maya Cassis said...

built-in echo - most of us are like this.else it's called verbal diarrhoea :D

bathroom dancer - wow!michael jacko bathroom style.wooohoooo!
that must be something.
I should try it too :)

oh I hate green peas too!it's not the taste problem for me either...It must be the size and consistency too sometimes:))


nice to read tags from comes from the heart :)

Jigs said...

This is a really fun post! I enjoyed fun facts about your wierdness! LOL!

I will definitely do this tag. I like the title you gave and your intro for it.

Really had fun! :D

Marutham said...

:) It is indeed great to be tagged!! Thanku ....and hey the constant spec..... We have this thing in commen...esply near the exams results- i happen to do this very often. It may nt be road croosing..but hings small & similar to that....And guess wat at times i wud really get upset wen i dnt meet with time....but(touchwood) so far my wish have never failed... :) Will post the tag real soon.

Velu Nair said...


The specualation bit is right there within me as well. Its amazing the way I build castles and walls on shores that I have no clue abt, and worry my head off on it. I am glad that I have company in u, though of a slighlty more moderate kind than I am!!


Velu Nair said...

Now that you have decided to make that much guarded secret public, I sure am gonna stick with BD for a while...

:D :P :))))

alex said...

Then everyone would be weird and the whole wide world would be weird! :)

Nice to hear that you bathroom dance, but be doubly careful.

PS My blog link in your page does not work properly.

k said...

Just b careful that the bathroom is not wet! youmight end up with broken legs.

Green Peas: Best way to have them then would be to boil, grind them and knead it with Roti dough. mattar Paratha : v.tasty. this way, u wouldnt be able to see the shape.

Marutham said...

Now you can know the WEIRDO THAT IAM... :D Tag posted... :)Do read them and tell me if am the WeirdEST!!.. ;)

Marthyan said...

Bathroom Dancing !!

Should Try :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Nishikanth:haa haa..! you shouldn`t have felt bad about it.. Hope you having a great time.. Thanks a lot for your visit.

@Deepak: Yes that is true, i am always careful though have slipped and fallen occasionally.. Great to know that you share my love for snakes..!

@Balaji: I think the world can be divided equally into pea lovers and pea haters.. :) Yes snakes are exquisite creations..! Balaji, went through projectwhy.. really insightful.. thanks for sharing this infor I have added it to my reading list.. I really wanted to get the book, but when I visited the URL, it said that the max number of downloads have been made.. would you be kind enough to do it once again for me.. sorry i was late.. I was out of station for awhile.

@Maya :Thanks a lot for your kind words.. So you belong to the pea-hater community too.. :)

@Jigs: Hi Buddy.. nice to know that you enjoyed the post..! Looking forward to read your version of it..!

@Marutham: Yes marutham.. exam times do increase this habit of mine.. :) Thanks for taking it up and doing it.. read yours and had a nice time.. yeah you`re right there is a weirdo in every one of us.

@Velu : hee he..! The dancing part really does seem to amuse you doesn`t it..? hope you have a fun time..!

@Alex : yes,, everyone is weird in his/her own way. Alex, i shall fix the link soon.. thanks for bringing that to my attention.

@k : you know what you may be right.. perhaps the ground peas wont allow me to find out.. thanks for that.. and heyy.. I am not able to view your profile.. may i know your URL please..

@Marthyan: That is a very looooong time, marthyan.. have been missing your poems..

Thank you, all for your kind and encouraging words..

Sreejith Kumar said...

You have been tagged again! See my latest post.....

Gaurav Jain said...

Hello Srijith..

Sorry for being late on this one (you know how "weird" I am, so you'd understand!)

First, thanks for taking this up. I enjoyed your post thoroughly, especially your 'bathroom singing' disclosure! That's not weird, though :)

Hey, and I too love snakes, esp. after the Anaconda movies (though they made it hell lot difficult to like snakes in the positive sense!)

Also, your last weird habit is quite hilarious!!