Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Handcuffs on a Train

Weary were the eyes, rolling again
In a journey alone, life begets more
Glancing around aboard the swerving train
Something unusual and spirits soar

At long last, eyes came to rest dry,
Upon a man, gray haired and stout
He could pass by and leave no one shy
And yet in his eyes, a long sad drought

And then it shone, eyes totally aware
Of the metal glint, and irrational troughs
A legendary piece, unfound in fancy ware
Eyes not failing to read, the handcuffs!

What the crime ? What treacherous task ?
The mind worked, the train swayed along
And then our eyes met, they meant to ask
“Why are you so right, and I so wrong ?”

When eyes rest, and the mind sweats
Reasons bloom say the eternal wise
Handcuffs, we all have, in our heads
To hands, they move, in a game of dice


Sreejith Kumar said...

Brilliant title and finish! I liked the last two stanzas really well. Briliant use of words in alternate lines ends too.... Good going man...

by the way, any special feeling for you to design such a theme?

alex said...

YOu have been tagged.

alex said...

If we didnt handcuff our heart, life would have been a lot better.


Srijith Unni said...

@Sreejith : Thanks a lot for your kind and generous words. This is something which actually happened to me, an expression of the feelings I had when I saw the handcuffs upon this normal looking man and when he looked into my eyes.. It just came out from me like this..

@Alex : Thanks for tagging me.. Sreejith too has tagged me for the same.. I was thinking that i am still to young and naive in the blogosphere to take up this tag, but anyway shall do it.. :) and you are so right, when we allow our heart to be bound by rules set previously by mankind our lives lose taste.. That is a different interpretation..! Poems get interpreted differently by different people, and that is their sheer beauty.!

passerby55 said...

"When eyes rest, and the mind sweats
Reasons bloom say the eternal wise
Handcuffs, we all have, in our heads
To hands, they move, in a game of dice ..."

I clearly recite all your poem which are full of meaning and towards the end, i find they evolve a mind totally.

this work is like finding a mixture stirred and settled.

when u consume it completely/fully you realise the concentrated part, and then/there you understand.

NAture is the truth,nature is the cure, nature around or within us is all that your poem talk about.

Srijith you are truly gifted.
your poetry keeps your readers arrested.

Gaurav Jain said...

simply brilliant!!!!

Maya Cassis said...

I loved every single line of this poem...just the beauty of your mind at work!terrific!!!
A born poet :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Passerby55 : Yes it is the mind which takes us upon a train of thoughts, something metaphorical to the actual train in the poem. The handcuffs are more like elements of control, of wrongdoing and it just goes to show that anyone can have them on and off and that in this journey called life, we are all same.
Thanks for your kind words..

@Gaurav : Thanks my friend. I hope you enjoyed it.

@Maya : Nice to know that you liked the poem. Maya, i insist i am just trying to be a poet. :)

Thank you friends, for your encouraging and supportive comments.

Prash said...

A nice poem !

Has to be me said...

It wld be so nice if v can break free those handcuffs! Good one.

starry nights said...

Amazing as usual srijith. A very thought provoking poem.

Gaurav Jain said...

Yeah sure I did. In fact I must say you have a such a brilliant creative mind, your poems put some of the "well known" poets to shame ;)

Ajay said...

nothing could be trure, my friend.
handcuff's for the mind,there are many
a lot of thought has gone behind this post. so uve freed ur mind of the handcuffs nay ?

Marutham said...

Ohh.. Sensitive lines :)

//And then our eyes met, they meant to ask
“Why are you so right, and I so wrong ?”

When eyes rest, and the mind sweats//

Anonymous said...

woah.......what was that?

Srijith Unni said...

@Prash : Thanks my friend..! Do come back..

@Has to be me : Nice interpretation has to be me.. Thanks for your kind words..

@Starry Nights : So it provoked some thoughts, did it..Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement..!

@Gaurav : Am I really worthy of those kind and generous words.. hmm makes me wonder..! If some day I become "well known", I shall always remember you..

@Ajay : An important question you ask there, joey boy.. I just discovered the handcuffs in my mind.. I`m in the process of getting freed, I must say.

@Marutham : Thanks for your appreciation. :)

@Country Fella : haa haa..! I know you get scared of poetry..! just a few scribblings my friend..!

Hip Grandma said...

'Handcuffs, we all have, in our heads
To hands, they move, in a game of dice.'

How very true.It is these mental handcuffs that act as hurdles to progress.Let us strive to rid ourselves from them.

mathew said...

great piece..i loved the way it rhymed!!

hillgrandmom said...

Brought the scene to mind beautifully.


"“Why are you so right, and I so wrong ?”"

This is a question we always have in diff circumstances...

"Handcuffs, we all have, in our heads"

Bingo...This is so true man!

great piece yet again! :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Hip Grandma : Yes, the "Stop" or "Do" signals we give to certain acts of ours and the repercussions of losing control over mind, result in us committing acts of wrong doing. Yes, let us strive to get rid of them.

@Mathew : Thanks a lot, mathew :) Hope you enjoyed it.

@hillgrandmom : That`s a nice compliment, there.. have fun..! Thanks..!

@Scribblez: A few words to bing in that philosophical strain..! :)
Thanks for your support.!

Helen Wang said...

Very intriguing picture, and poem! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Srijith Unni said...

@Helen: I believe talents can be called so only when they are shared or expressed.. Thanks for encouraging me to continue.