Friday, October 27, 2006

Take me Home.

Artist : Attanur Dogan

Give me death! I pray every day
Leave me not, to sigh, in every way
Seen I have, those beautiful days
Those little red flowers in an awesome place.

Why these windows, in front of me?
And all the beauty outside, and free
Ran, I have upon the soft wet ground
I walk far no more, just safe and sound

My beloved ones, have all gone away
Laughter, I yearn to hear, to be merry and gay
Tears, I have in my heart and dreams too
Like my youth, won`t the pills vanish too?

Years and years, have I spent in glee?
To sit here and look at the old worn tree
Searched I have, for a leaf of hope,
A lover from the skies, with whom to elope

At every sunset, I cry and plead
Slow and just living, and yet I bleed
With angst, do I cry, take me home.
Please take me away from this old age home.


Sreejith Kumar said...

Absolutely brilliant man! You do deserve laurelses for this one... :-)

The last stanza was so incredible.... So charming and conveying those four lines... After that, I read it again from the beginning and all of the words in the poem seemed to convey a different meaning all of a sudden...

Thumbs up!

b v n said...

Nice one ! its said life is like a zoo in a jungle.

its sad, nicely written.


Excellento..Man this is something most ppl say..They dont want ot be alone in their older days..U have captured those words so well and it feels like u in those days of your life itself...."A lover from the skies, with whom to elope"...its so romantic to hear or read this...! :)

starry nights said...

Just beautiful Srijith. So very true. old age is sad when you are just waiting to die.

priya said...

Deep thoughts of oldage is beautifully written. But ther is always sadness in your poems, wonder why??

Lera said...

Beautiful & very touching adding a new perspective to our hidden realm!

Velu Nair said...

Wow is the word.

This was incredibly good, and so poignant. Absolutely heart rending. Ah! I could just go on and on and on... but what I would try to convey is the fact that u have managed to tug at quite a few heart strings out here - with ur effortless flow of thoughts, and a melodious rhythm writ large all over it!

mathew said...

the forgotten people..its one of the biggest ironies of be loved in old age is something few in the world can afford!!..

nice craft!!

Gaurav Jain said...

that was a beautiful, but sad poem. And what's more, you introduced me to a gem of an artist in Atanur Dogan. I just checked out their website, and found some marvelous pieces of paintings :)

alex said...

We are born alone, ought to live alone, and die alone.

Good flow. :)

Helen Wang said...

Very sad, but powerful! Your poem captivated all the hardships in life... yet, at the end, one only yearns for love. Beautifully done!

Ardra said...

Ouch- that hurt- painful, scary- real…
And have been a regular here for some time now :- )


Lavanya said...

Hey awesome one that!

Searched I have, for a leaf of hope,
A lover from the skies, with whom to elope

Thats not just her dream;-)!

Srijith Unni said...

@Sreejith: Thanks Sreejith. I sure would like to know all the different meanings you were able to perceive. :) Cheers..!

@bvn :Very True..! Life is like a zoo in a jungle, how metaphorical!
Thanks for your support, and Welcome in here, my friend. Do come back!

@Scribblez: Yes, I actually saw this old lady looking outside a window from an old age home. I was just trying to think like her.

@Starry: Old Age is when you need all the happiness, all the joy and the pleasure of being at home. Too sad, many people are denied that little happiness. Thanks for your appreciation, Starry.

@Priya:Yes, priya, the sadness is surely there.. At times, i am sad, and my thoughts and words get sad.:) Just one of those times, priya..!

@lera:Hidden Realm Sounds Fascinating..! Can you tell me more..:) Thanks a lot!

@Velu:Tugging heartstrings was not my sole intention, velu. I also wanted to tell the story of this sad old lady, and how she deserves a home and not just sympathy.! Thanks for your wondrous inspiration and kind words of appreciation.!

@Mathew:I truly pray and hope that more people can afford it.! Thanks a lot, for the visit.! :)

@Gaurav: Yes beautiful and sad.. Is that a contradiction, gaurav..? :)
Atanur Dogan is well known for his watercolour paintings, with a rustic touch.. I`m so happy to know that you enjoyed the paintings.! On his website you will also see a painting titled "Indian Sisters".. truly a good one.!

//We are born alone, ought to live alone, and die alone...//
I beg to differ, alex.. I may be born alone, might die alone.. but I shan`t live alone.! That`s the very essence I am earnestly trying to convey

@Helen:Some hardships, some moments of loneliness, in life are beautiful in their own way. They build and groom our soul. and yearning for love.. well said! Thanks a lot, helen, for stopping to comment.!

@Ardra: I loved your stories and poems.. Really awesome ones.. Haven`t finished reading them yet..Too bad, I wasn`t aware of your presence earlier. Have added you to my reading list.! :)

@Lavanya:Thanks a lot, lavanya.. are you looking to elope..? ;)

Friends, my apologies for the late reply. Thanks for all your endearing comments and viewpoints.

Has to be me said...

Touchy one! Welldone.

alex said...

You are tagged! :)

Maya Cassis said...

My heart goes out to the person who feels this poem

Srijith Unni said...

@Has to be me: Thanks a lot! Touchy, but real! :)

@Alex: Got that, buddy!..Give me some time however.. Kust finished all my tags.. lazy me ;)

@Maya : Mine too :) That`s why I wrote the poem!

Priyankari said...

Absolutely beautiful and so poignant!

passerby55 said...

Searched I have, for a leaf of hope,
A lover from the skies, with whom to elope.

Srijith you excel.

Pain is painful but it hurts when read through this wonderful piece of poetry.

Srijith, You put every soul here to think why pain hurts!

Mounir Nassor said...

Dear Srijith,

Thank you so much for this wonderful and so moving piece of poetry !

I would like to post it on my blog itself with the painting by Attanur Dogan. I live in Paris (France) and my blog is:

Of course, I will cite you as the author of this piece of writing and mention the references of your blog as well.

I really hope you will let me know that you have no objections at all.

Billions of thanks again !

Mounir Nassor (

Srijith Unni said...

@Priyankari : Thanks a lot.. :) Do come back!

@Passerby55: Thanks for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement.! Pain hurts most, when you are alone.

@Mounir: I`m so happy and elated to read your comment. I have no objections and am in fact privileged.! Thanks a lot!

jac said...

A lovely theme and matching lines.

Kudos !!!

Marthyan said...

Nice lines, the emotions are very well captured

Srijith Unni said...

@Jac : Thanks Jac!. Your words of encouragement are much treasured.

Srijith Unni said...

@Marthyan: Thanks a lot, Marthyan.. It`s been a long time.. I quite missed you.

Keshi said...

omg I cried!


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