Friday, October 20, 2006

A Tag in festive times...

While every other blogger is wishing everyone season`s greetings with great aplomb, I am going to do this along with a tag. I am sorry for that but things have been pretty hectic recently, and therefore am being forced to do a fusion here.

My heartlfelt wishes for a very happy and prosperous Deepavali and Ramzan, to all fellow blogger friends and your families.

I have been tagged two times by both starry and scribblez to enlist six bloggers whom I would like to meet in person. These two wonderful people, I believe are already going to meet me, and so apart from them I will tell about six more blogger friends I would like to meet, but not first without a mention about them both.

Starry Nights a.k.a Lalitha - A very energetic and dynamic blogger who, is most loving and caring as an individual and also strives for noble causes, with great vigour. Her posts are completely inspiring and enchanting at the same time. She tells that I am intriguing. I am looking forward to meet her and clear that up, because "interesting", I might not be.

Scribblez to Wakeup - I do not know her real name. Somehow I so much related to her blogger name that never felt the need to ask for her real name. She has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration for me. Her posts about the daily happenings in her life, her philosophy of life and words of wisdom instantly strike a chord.

I am looking forward to meeting both of them. Now to introduce my other six blogger friends in a purely random order, who get automatically tagged to do the same. :)

Maya Cassis - One of my oldest blogger friends who has this great element of mystery around her, and her much so beautiful posts. Her poems are one of a kind and it would really be an exercise in practical philosophy to talk to her and follow her thoughts, I presume. I would like to meet her and see how she carries it off so effortlessly. How she learns to unlearn.

Gaurav Jain - He is not just a blogger, but the very example I find that would suit the word 'versatility'. A great reader and beautiful writer as well. He sketches with elan, and above all writes good software too. His blog and website is a myriad of information and colourful facets of life. I would like to meet him and find out how he pulls it off, so elegantly.

Sreejith - Apart from being my namesake in the blogosphere, he is also a friend, whom I deeply respect and adore. Not just for his beautiful blog, but also for his great initiative and spirit to fight for a noble cause, for Mission Netaji. Such inspired individuals are rare, and he is one good friend, I must meet in person.

Passerby55 - A very strong presence in the blogosphere, her cute little blog, with beautiful verses and colourful pictures has been a must-read. Above all, her beautiful comments are a great boost, with her verses, of style and elegance. I would like to meet and discover this reclusive passerby, who first introduced to the blogosphere another important blogger like Hip Grandma

Ram - A great man, who has been travelling lots recently, who I am hoping to meet. He writes about the nation with a passion and devotion, which truly inspires many. His knowledge about the country`s economical, political and social conditions, remains unmatched. A complete reference base, I must add. He has also been a very old co-blogger and a great friend, whose words of support and appreciation, I shall treasure a lot.

Velu Nair - His blog, and template reveal a lot about his passion for life, his ability to love life and live with a great heart full of happiness. He pens like no other, mixing prose and poetry with such beauty that reading his posts, seem to transform the world around you into the beautiful garden of Eden. I would surely like to meet this teacher in his thirties and take a lesson or two.

Now, before, I finish, I would like to add, that the list has been reduced to six, because of the limitations of the tag, and because it would not be good to copy my entire blogroll onto a post and say the tag is done. I just wish everyone takes up the tag, that they tag more people and finally everyone meet together in a grand gala meeting, and that I too am there, so that I meet everyone.

Once Again, Heartfelt wishes and Season`s Greetings.


Has to be me said...

Neat tag! And yes happy diwali too! :)

Marutham said...

Happy Diwali...
Nice tag...


Nice 2 note u have completed this!!

Happy Diwali to you buddy!! :)

Sreejith Kumar said...

Interesting tag Srijith! So pleased to know that you want to meet me. Hope it will happen someday. Confused that I have to take up the tag now! ;-)

alex said...

A grand blogger meeting would be awesome! :)

Hip Grandma said...

Nice tag.Happy Deepavali!

Marutham said...

Appy B'day to.......... :D My blog.. ;)

starry nights said...

Happy Diwali to you and your family(sorry for the belated wish) I hope you had a nice day.I would like to meet you. I think you would be an interesting person to meet.

Ram said...

It took me a while to realize you were talking about me :)

Your friendship is a privilege Srijith, and I am very fortunate to have found such a friend.

Look forward to catching up soon..hope you had a great Diwali.

Prash said...

belated diwali wishes...

Thanks for not tagging me.

Srijith Unni said...

@Has to be me: Thanks!, A very happy and prosperous diwali to you too..!

@Marutham: Happy Diwali and wish you a very grand blog birthday, my friend..!

@Scribblez: Yes, As you so ordered..! :) Wish you a very happy and grand prosperous Deepavali.

@Sreejith : Yes.. I hope so too, Not totally impossible.. Atleast you are in India as such..! Nothing to be confused about. Go and write about the blogger friends, you would love to meet.

@Alex: Yes truly awesome..! I would give anything for that moment..!

@Hip Grandma : Thanks..! Wish you a very happy deepavali too...!

@Starry: Thanks Starry..! Have Fun! and Take Care.. Someday I hope we do meet..!

@Ram: Yes I was talking about you.. Thanks for being there..!:) I am the more fortunate, I guess.

@Prash: hee hee :)
Ambeda Kalla Actually you`ve already got a tag from me pending remember..?

Deepak said...

This one is really cool.
Kinda irresistible tag..
So I'll take this up since it is an open tag.
This is gonna overtake another boring tag I have pending.

priya said...

Belated diwlai wishes to you. Neatly done Unni.

Gaurav Jain said...

Hi Srijith! I've been out of action for sometime, and when I come back - Voila! I have so much to catch up on! Thanks for this wonderful post! I would love to meet you in person too. You've been such a great inspiration for me throughout my blogging experience so far!

I hope you had a great diwali/eid and holidays that they bring :)

maha_dewi said...

maha_dewi was here hehehehe.. By the way tag me pleaseee

Maya Cassis said...

hi sreejith!i just got back from a journey and i can see that you have put up sooooooooo many lovely posts including a train journey.
i have lots of work but i promise to be back soon as i really want to read all your lovely writings.
this is a real treat for me.think i should get a bucket of ice cream and laze around on a sunday with your blog.priceless!

Srijith Unni said...

@Deepak : Yeah read yours too.. this is kinda late reply.. but forgive me pal.. I`ve been a bit busy

@Priya : Bealted diwali wishes to you too. Thanks..!

@Gaurav : Yeah Gaurav, I can understand, you`ve been awfully busy recently. :) Have a great time and keep bloggin!

@Maha Dewi: Sure Maha Dewi.. I`ve done a number of tags.. Take anyone you want.

@Maya : Oh.. Maya. At times I get cruel and wish your vacation were over.. :) Anyway it`s so nice that you`re really having a great vacation. Do catch up with all your work, and take up the tag my friend.. I`m counting on you.. :)

Sorry for my late replies, friends.