Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Know, Break and Rejoice.

Law is a very interesting subject, especially in the Indian Subcontinent, mainly because this is the place where one can experiment all they want, use all articles known, so many courts, so many means of dispersing justice or transfer and delay justice to some other court. The number of gimmicks we have seen in the name of Law and Justice is still growing and it`s not justice, just money and entertainment.!

I found this article the most funniest and yet the most thought provoking. It says that most of the politicians in Bihar have criminal records and almost all of them have degrees in Law!. Isn`t that just hilarious. ? You learn law, get to know all it`s loopholes, come out, break it, and rest assured because you just know to escape from it now. As simple as that.!

Then there is this famous case, where a guy shoots a girl, escapes from a court, litigation again starts due to public unrest and finally there comes this leading lawyer of the country, who tells a whole new story and claims he will bring out the truth. It may be a matter of procedure over principle as, Uma claims. But then what about the lawyer`s conscience as a human being? Are we really able to trust our lawyers and the judiciary in dispensing justice. If so, then why is there so much of unrest. Why is it that cases are taken to the Supreme courts and the decisions reversed.? What if the lower court made a mistake in the judgement and yet the case could not be taken to the supreme court, because those involved dont have the required financial capabilities or influence?.

I don`t have the answers, but really need to know.


alex said...

Law-An area which is difficult to comprehend owing to its loopholes and eventually the truth gets distorted.

priya said...

Law in bihar?? If bihar is to be given to OBL I will be the happiest person coz its nothing to lose after all.

Balaji said...

It is a sad situation in this country.

I am all for free and fair trial to everyone. But if it is understood that a lawyer is making false claims and then bending the system to his wills, then he should be punishes, debarred and humiliated. Then only people will learn.

We don't hold these people accountable. Only then we will be able to get justice.

passerby55 said...

Isn`t that just hilarious. ?

Hilarious, yes but why does it not leave a smile behind, why is there so much of unrest within each mind and everyone fighting within to find a way out/ a solution.

Are we all so helpless!

LAw was studied by many here, I think Gandhi too was a lawyer,so must have many other leaders.

Applying your gained knowledge for a motive is necessary. But to decide your motive requires wisdom which is never learnt. It has to be awakened within us,

Srijith, the funnypart is all of us were born wise.

I hope the final Judgement does prevail. where they say Truth is the law, Truth is the ORder.


Srijith Unni said...

@Alex: Yes very much the truth is not only distorted.. It is also clouded by media outbursts, religious sentiments, and what not.. Ultimately when justice is demanded, we have the lawyers swooping in like eagles, all set to distort truth again..

@Priya: Yes.. Bihar has sadly come to that state.. but it must be remembered that Bihar has been an integral part of our country and it was the place were originally, the Industrial revolution started. We just need to have capable administrators brought there..We shouldn`t give it away just like that..

@Balaji: Truly..Very sad..Exactly.. A lawyer should not be above the law.and that`s the bottom line..Well Said!

@Passerby55: Yes.. it does not leave a smile.. and there is no lighter side, because there are thousands who are affected all over the country in a bad way.But hope remains in that final word of yours, passerby, Truth shall prevail. Satyameva Jayate

Ajay said...

conscience ? well face the world dude. its a reality. in professions 90% of the public does not use the conscience.
u r right influence and finance is everything. if u dont have either of them u r as good as a dead duck. true and hars, but thats the reality. one chance is approaching a NGO

Anonymous said...

This is donation of Colonial Powers to the third world countries. Though most of the countries did not have any proper judicial system, India were having judicial system upto the panchayat level, where it was easy for poor people to get justice. It is high time Indians should start thinking about courts in panchayat level where justice should be granted with the help & support of Police

Your article is highly thought provoking...

I am proud of my country, when I read such articles like yours..
Ha..India is still have a generation which can think deeply...

Congrats ...Srijith..

Marutham said...

LOL!!! Very nice link...
And yes Srijith, nachunnu keteenga...
Am reminded of the REVALUATION comedy that happens in our college...
We would have done the exams so well...but the results would just get funnier.... Samandhamey irukadhu sometimes.... And trust me , never have i gone for arevaluation for i know these morons DON'T actually evaluate... Appo dhaney revaluation'la use...
I have seen ppl get a D grade & then on revaluation it would boost upto A, and the funniest is once a close friend of mine flunked & on revaluation got an S!!! But there is actually no point in arguing abt this... for it is a source of income to the college & yes a lottery for the students sometimes(NOT ALWAYS)

ANd ur qn on taking the case to supreme court...Hm... You know how strong our judiciary system IS!!! //Law is a very interesting subject, especially in the Indian Subcontinent// Well, my recent post is related to this funnier part .... :)


Kakshi said...

Hi Srijith,

Like its said 'money can buy you everything in this world'.. why do you think that this saying has become a truth today.. if it was for the conscience of people we wouldn't have had the need to have laws!


chitra said...

Well, it is time fr winter break and so the court is adjourned. the decision shall be taken when we reassemble after the break and the date shall be informed accordingly.

Hiren said...

It goes to show that law is only for the rich- check out the details on my latest post on sham Joothmalani.

Srijith Unni said...

@Ajay: You are right! lots of professions and businesses dont work by conscience, and yet.. I believe law and justice must depend on conscience.. How will the poor ever get justice..? Approaching an NGO might help.. let`s see.

@Anonymous: True.. panchayats should serve to provide proper and ready quick justice.. But we have heard of so many incidents were members of the panchayat have tortured innocent people in the name of justice , due to illiteracy. Thanks for your kind words. Do reveal your name..

@Marutham: Ahh..Ha.! Revaluation.. i`ve never applied for it too.. but if a person who flunked got an S, it shows either that it is all eye wash or the person who evaluated the paper was sleeping then. Waiting for your post..!

@Kakshi: //..if it was for the conscience of people we wouldn't have had the need to have laws!
..// Very true.. and that is also why I believe that the actual people who are appointed to deliver justice atleast must have this.

@Chitra: Nice to know that, chitra.. Are you a lawyer..? Just curious.. I hope you were not offended by my post..!

@Hiren: Have been reading your post..haven`t completed it yet..
Apparently the goddess of law isn`t blind anymore..She can see money and feel power.!

Thank you all, my friends for dropping in to share your opinion.

Sreejith Kumar said...

It is the general case in India and elsewhere. People with vested interests have the best option of entering politics and harvest public wealth... Fact, but democracy allows us only to vote and not oust...

chitra said...

Sreejith, I am not a lawyer, infact I was also mocking at the courts for the no. of breaks they have and small sessions and they ake ages to give a judgement!!

Srijith Unni said...

@Sreejith: Democracy is the only form of governance, I know which actually gives the people some power. By what you say, apparently the power is not enough!

@Chitra: You really made me believe that you were a lawyer by that comment earlier. :) Great One!