Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Roads to Peace

Why is there blood everywhere
On this long winding road.?
O' towering son of Kabul,
Wherein goes this treacherous road?

This road will take us to peace, my friend
But when are these blood stains washed, I ask
Pensive and grim, someday there will be peace
he says. amidst the workers at their task.

Someday, safe will be our women, they will live
Someday, happy will be our children, they will live
Someday, rested we shall all be, we will live
Live, we all shall, and doves will fly.

Insha'Allah, may your words come true, but.
No buts, Someday for the homeless, castles there will be
for the hungry, all delicacies and all free
Yes!, I say the city will be built as you see

For the homeless, castles there will be,
Every brick as strong as a painful memory.
For the hungry, all heavenly delicacies,
Eating while they talk of those old miseries.

Insha'Allah, Someday, may there peace, be.!
Insha'Allah, Someday, may there peace, be.!

In remembrance of all those who lost their lives, while taking valiant efforts to bring peace to the land of Afghanistan. We salute you.


mathew said...

beautiful..although i feel a tinge os sadness..probably we dont really understand what they are going through..not just afghanistan..all the strife prone areas in the world..as we go on with our cozy lives...

I dont really think the current generation afghans ever know what peace felt like!!

well written..

Srijith Unni said...

Yes Mathai, it's with a tinge of sadness. We don't understand their problems completely and but when we venture out to help them, every small pain we have to endure makes us realize the greater tears they have had to shed. Let's hope they find peace, or rather get cozy lives like us, though it would be after a lot of bloodshed, for sure.

chitra said...

it is sad. Afghanistanis becoming synonymous with Taliban and all of us are forgetting the innocent afghan men women and children living there..........

Your poem apty reminds us of the innocent citizens. Thanks

Prash said...

No inshah allahs for me ! it is not God willing that this terrific incident happened. Terrorism is never "inshah allah"...

Terrorism, racism and discrimination are the three things I can stand in this world !

Like your poem !

Srijith Unni said...

@Chitra: Well said, chitra, many of us dont think beyond Taliban, when we speak of Afghanistan. The Common man, the common Afghan is but a poor helpless soul, who looks in desperation as everything around is lost, as well as depressed as those seeking to help, also end up being wronged.

@Prash: Prash, you're right. Terrorism is not Insha'Allah(by the will of God). I hope my poem is not interpreted that way. The poem is rather a dialogue, a concerned foreigner, helping to rebuild the country is having with a local Afghan. It is the sadness at the bloodshed caused, and the reassurance the foreigner gives, while the Afghan is both concerned about the present bloodshed, but equally optimistic about a peaceful future.

vishesh said...

that was really really nice :)

Cecilia said...

Good one!

dewakerbasnet said...

hey nice blog mate :)

Chandini said...

The brave little faces that protracted grief, while fire rose up on all those bodies - - - I tell you we lead eunuch lives, reading poetry and such like.

Anonymous said...

srijith... it is beautiful... but yes like mathew says its sad that we don't sometimes get the time to understand what the ppl there are going through...

ur words always are magnificent...!

mathew said...

You are tagged!!

Srijith Unni said...

@Vishesh: Thanks Vishesh!

@Cecilia: Thank you :)

@dewakerbasnet: Thanks a lot..

@Chandini: True..! Our lives are so much more trivial..

@Vinay: Yes vinay, and more difficult to realize when..? Thanks a lot..!

@Mathew: Thanks mathai.. will do it soon..!