Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hate not!, O` my comrade.

Weakness in the limbs, heart stoned!
In despair, your heart so mourned
Colour thy life, O` my comrade
In Calm blue skies, sudden thunderstorms
Disperse thy hatred not! Refute mortal norms

In life, we read, chapters of spite
Life is no small tome, but ends in sight
Lose thy grudge, O` my comrade
Chapters they are, all tie the plot
As the pages turn, why leave a blot. ?

In that moment, when thy let loose
Vengeance, peril and bitter blues
I cried and cried, O` my comrade
You set out on the path of no return
Frightened and hurt, my soul did burn

All dreams of our flowered fields
All was lost in ravaged battlefields
Stop thy hate!, O` my comrade
To my tested soul, thy hate never did permeate
In seeing you fade away, I could not blame fate.


Has to be me said...

How nice! It is so important not to hold grudges & not to hate anyone. Its the need of the hour these days. Thanks for reaching out on that! Good one.


Shakespear revisited! I dont know how you do it but tht is besides the point, you do it and tht is just great!!

priya said...

//Journeys!, all come to an end.. //

Sorry, I have to disagree. I personally feel "Life" is itself a journey and we keep searching till we achieve it. My Journey never ends even after death.
Time to me ends when we leave this world.

Jigs said...

This post is so nice and meaningful. We can all learn to be accepting, forgiving and never hold hatres towards a person. cool! :)

Sandeep Menon said...

u r indeed a poet ....and ur poem is very meaningful too...really enjoyed reading it.

starry nights said...

you write so well. I think hatred makes u ill.

Reshmi said...

Chapters they are, all tie the plot
As the pages turn, why leave a blot. ?

how well said..!

can't help feeling grudge at times..n at such times, look at srijith's poem..:)

Srijith Unni said...

@has to be me : Yes you`re right . it`s truly the need of the hour.. Thanks for your appreciation too.. :)

@Scribblez : oh!.. Scribblez you seem to have found something which I never really was conscious of.. Frankly speaking, it`s only after seeing your comment that I searched shakespeaere`s quotes and found what you mean.. YOu truly overwhelm me in your support, scribblex.. Thankx a lot! :)

@Priya : Perspectives, differ, I guess. Priya, Time, i feel is a universal concept and we do not have ownership of it. , and journey, no for me too, death is not the end of the journey, it could be salvation, it could be something else. There is no "your time" and "my time". Time is an abstract concept.!

@Jigs: Thanks a lot, buddy. Yes Hated does not do any good. and i have been close to hatred recently, and found it really sickening. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.! :)

@Sandeep: Hi Sandeep!, Thanks for the complient! :) I am glad you were able to enjoy it.!

@Starry Nights : Seriously Lalitha, you stole the words out of my mouth. I was just close to a friend yesterday, and when he showed his hatred for someone, it really made me ill and I am seriously not exaggerating when I say, that I had a fever yesterday night fully :( So I guess you saw through my poem.. I am utterly humbled. :)

@Reshmi : Thanks a lot!, for your appreciation! Yes, if someone read my post and if it stops his/her hatred, I shall consider myself blessed.! :)

Thank you all dear friends, It was really nice replying to all of you.!

Velu Nair said...


great to see that ur fierce sense of expression delivers; and delivers with aplomb. way to go, pal!


PS. I am curious abt ur use of long-lost utterances as 'thy'. Lending a Thomas grey feel? :)

passerby55 said...

"Stop thy hate!, O` my comrade
To my tested soul, thy hate never did permeate
In seeing you fade way, I could not blame fate"

Everything has two sides to it!...

Half our life we think only a coin is two sided ...

When we realise/learn its not so...that is the Time when your mind says/understands I need to go beyond this time!

stop hate, stop hate....beautiful poem. beautiful message

Srijith Unni said...

@Velu : Hi Velu!, Thanks a lot for your appreciation and support. I am humbled greatly by the magnificence of your comments. And about using 'thy', not just thomas grey, even inspired by Miltion, Keats.., I guess. I seem to love the way it sounds, than a plain 'you'. :)

@Passerby55: Yes, it`s often when the end nears that we broaden our mind and perspectives. you`re right! Great words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and your appreciation of the post :)

Velu Nair said...


Guess what?
I have tagged u!

Marthyan said...

Well written unni,
took me back in time to some other stuffs I read before

surajsharma said...


Lavanya said...

Refute mortal norms! Exactly! Well said!

Srijith Unni said...

@Velu : Will be taking up your tag shortly.. give me some time though.. Have some work, for which I am being paid, to settle first :)

@Marthyan : Nice to see you back.! Glad to know you were able to relate to the post

@Suraj : Thanks a lot!, suraj sir!.

@Lavanya : Thanks again! Yeah, we need to get out of the saem rules we`ve been keeping ourselves restricted to, and think out of the box.

Kakshi said...

Wow...such beautiful thoughts! So true yet so simple ...
Its just great! Amazing!


Maya Cassis said...

Frightened and hurt, my soul did burn......

from the beginning to the end,this one was stunning and just ravished my soul.True blue Sri,you are the best poet in the blogosphere that I have come across.

Maya Cassis said...

Publish it!A genuine masterpiece,my poet friend

Srijith Unni said...

@Kakshi : Yes.. nice thoughts are better when they are simple.. Thanks for the appreciation.

@Maya : Blogosphere is vast and big.. We dont know all the beautiful poets out there. You, yourself being one, I am greatly humbled by your appreciation.

Maya Cassis said...

well,I am more humbled by someone who can write like effortlessly.
You are the best.And I am telling you now so you know it more than anything else right now.
and keep at it.and do publish!publish!publish!
SO someday I can go around say,you see,Sreejith Unni...he's my Mitr :)

Anonymous said...

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