Monday, July 17, 2006

The Sickness of the Mind.

The world has reached a stage where killing has become routine. We have read in the past, in history about war, it`s gruesome effects on the world, on the people, the scars it leaves on the generations to come. With the advent of Nuclear warfare, mass extermination became a dreaded reality. The big nations, or the more powerful nations called for a ceasefire. We expected such things would become bad dreams of the past, but hatred is slow to recede, at least that is what is evident from the advances of the present century.

We became mute spectators, as we witnessed chemical warfare, gross human rights violations and from the dark of it all, a huge ugly monster raised it`s deadly hood. While we shuddered at it`s grunts, the more distant, sighed! Terrorism was born.
War was in ancient days, fought against soldiers, by the soldiers. Today the first targets are innocent civilians

In a series of fresh air strikes, Israeli warplanes blasted
fuel tanks at the Beirut International Airport.
The death toll in Lebanon
has now reached 140 and those killed in the Israeli airstrikes are mostly
In the Israeli airstrikes, 16 people were killed and a 100 wounded
in Lebanon's southern city of Tyre.

We, in India, supposedly a peaceful democracy, are only now recovering slowly from the after effects of the terrible tragedy we witnessed on the 7th of July, when we witnessed the sad deaths of our brothers and sisters in Mumbai. People, had just boarded a train as usual, not suspecting anything but their daily work and schedule, but some one else had planned to disrupt that day of theirs, and today, their families, their children, their friends, all their lives have been disrupted.

The most saddening aspect of these activities, where terror is unleashed is that the perpetrator`s mind is totally bereft of any reason, any logical insight into his/her own actions. There is a great misunderstanding in their minds, that they are doing all this for the goodness of their brethren. There is a gross misconception that what they are doing is similar to waging a war.! But, the fact is that it is not.! The mind of the terrorist is vastly different from that of a soldier. A soldier is one who fights to maintain peace, he/she fights for the safety of his/her people, and a soldier`s target is always an enemy, who would kill him, if he didn`t react first. A soldier never takes the life of a civilian. Of course there have been exceptions or great mistakes like in Abu Ghraib, but that does not justify an act of terrorism, and an act of killing innocent civilians.

In a major attack, nearly 800 armed Naxalites killed 20
villagers and injured over 70 people, besides kidnapping 20 others in Dantewada
district of Chhattisgarh.
IG Intelligence, Chhattisgarh, Giridhari Naik said
that his troops reached the area as soon as they got report of the trouble and
were able to drive back the Naxals.
However, the Naxals managed to kidnap
over 20 people, including a woman Special Police Officer, from the camp.

The mind of a terrorist is sick. It does not know to see reason. It does not know to appreciate life. It does not have the capacity to stop following false ideals blindly. Terrorism is like a cancer of the mind, it does not have a permanent cure and there is no known treatment. We try to kill the disease, by killing the body holding the mind, but it is hugely contagious, and today`s victims are all infected by a very small unseen virus called hatred. They could very well grow up to be tomorrow`s terrorists.

In Kashmir, small boys are paid 50 rupees to throw a grenade. None of the children, in safer areas or with a home to go back, would ever do such a thing, but these children are not just children, they are also victims, and they need retribution. They are in search of killing an unknown enemy. They are the terrorists of tomorrow, and it is in their care and proper upbringing that lies the greatest threat to terrorism. Government taking stringent measures, taking suspicious people into custody, distributing relief, all these are mere painkillers. In such quick steps, and with the loss of public memory, the big picture more often sadly fades out.

Everywhere there are children, even in Lebanon, even in Mumbai, in SriLanka, in any part of the world, where there has been an act of sinister dimension, there is a child, who has lost a home, who has lost a future, and in his/her blank mind, there is only one question.. WHY ?

In his/her search for the answer, if he/she fails to identify the real enemy, if he/she fails to see the big picture, the world once more becomes a mute witness to the birth of another terrorist, the birth of another sick mind.


passerby55 said...


A Poignant post.

more essentially all the words are the need of hour...

"the world once more becomes a mute witness to the birth of another terrorist"....i agree to the core, to the very depth of every word in this.

Srijith a well written post,and with a prayer well said it remains in me with a feeling of "humbleness"....

good job!

starry nights said...

A very well written post. soldiers dont fight against soldiers anymore,its against innocent people who cannot fight back.

Srijith Unni said...

@passerby55 : First of all, thanks passerby55 for your well-made comment. Yes, the truth is that terrorism should be nipped in the bud, before it grows and spreads around. How we must do that, is by taking proper care our orphans.! and making them responsible citizens.

@starry nights: Exactly, lalitha, today there does not seem to be a fair war anywhere. They say "All is fair in love and war", but today there is no war, just blind killing.

Lavanya said...

Very well written and relevant post. As on date this topic is probably the topic in question at the back of all our minds. Each act of terror just reveals how brutal, callous and inhumane terrorists can get. If Abu Ghraib reflects disrespect for the need to respected itself, a mass violation of human rights, the 7/11 Mumbai attacks, Isreli air strikes shows disrespect for human life and as rightly asked by you...Why? Is the cause a cause at all. Kudos on a gr8 post!

Hip Grandma said...

The terrorist needs to fight against the enemy within him - the enemy who has succeeded in taking full control of his mind and body.

Srijith Unni said...

@Lavanya : Thanks, Lavanya. The post is indeed relevant to the times, something, which I haven`t kept in mind so far, sadly.

@Hip Grandma : Thank you!, for visiting.. Yes, there is the enemy within him, but I think a little help from the society wouldn`t go waste.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey !

first of all , thanx for the shobhana pic .. i like her a lot too !

rebels are also fine .. but terrorism crosses limits !

an feeling totally sick .. and now , even our liberties are being curtailed , and we cant do anything


Precise Srijith. You wandered through the mindless mind of a terrorist and showed us what makes terrorists. After reading this, I cant help but think should we just stop the battle over Kashmir and reach and amicable solution? Can a thrid party conduct some sort of analysis and finish the matter as the more we holod on, the more worse things are getting. But does it stop there. Will terrorism stop because of Kashmir settled or Srilanka or where ever. Demands will keep comming and these terrorists hosts will continue to function like an outsourced body supplying terrorists for anything or making up a reason for it.

Seems largely like there is no cure for this, atleast not now.

It is remarkable how you have showed the difference between a soldier and a terrorist.

I am really in the dark about Israel bombing Lebanon. whts the cause...I have not followed the news in the past few days...Silly me.

If you are unable to view your blog do this...Found this in keshis blog and am pasting it here---
So to view keshi's blog use this ->

Velu Nair said...

first things first.
shhhhhhh! dont u realise that Big B is watching over u? better hold ur tongue pal, if u dont wanna end up bound and gagged.

the world busies itself in fast erasing the last faint traces of humanity ~leftovers of some other generations which werent perhaps as tainted with blood all over, and which perhaps didnt smell as much, of slime. kashmir, lebanon, tibet - its just the same. Sad to see that the murderer and the victim are one and the same.

Srijith Unni said...

@Deepa: Hi Deepa, You`re welcome about the shobhana pic.. Liberies are being curtailed, but I guess we can fight back.. let`s wait and see...

@Scribblez: you`re right scribblez, right now we are in a state of distress and we will not be capable of, stating a solution. Like our government, we may make mistakes if we take steps right now.
I am able to access my blog, scribblez, the proxy server at my office is outside India, so no problem.. I shall continue to blog,, however, i`ve moved over my posts to wordpress as well.

@Velu: YOu`re right Velu, but if we agree to be bound and gagged, we shall be taken for granted, so we need to fight back..

Gaurav Jain said...

i agree with it 100%. I think the real solution to terrorism is education in a democratic environment, and education that is free of religious or political influences.

education opens up the mind, and I think only closed minds are capable of causing harm to other humanity.

Has to be me said...

Beautifully written post. Wish the terrorists can get to read the same & that it wud;ve a + impact on them.
so true abt what u've said abt the kids in Kashmir...its so sad & touchy.

Srijith Unni said...

@Gaurav : Not only education, gaurav, even proper psychological treatment in certain cases and counselling is needed at times..

@Has to be me :Thanks for the appreciation..! Yeah, I hope atleast one terrorist starts reading all blogs. He will surely start appreciating moral values and humanity, if that is not asking for too much.

Ajay said...

wish everyone thought abt this
but then everyone has vested interests.

priya said...

to me a sick mind is one who supplies arms and ammunitions to those people who get them trained. As long as you produce such arms, the world will never see peace coz the superpower needs to be in power for a longtime to rule this world.

Srijith Unni said...

@ Ajay : You`re right.. everyone has vested interests, but little drops make up an ocean. We could spread the word.

@Priya : I am talking about terrorists in general, not differentiating between people who supply arms and people who kill. To me, anyone who entertains terrorism is a terrorist.

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