Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tagged Again :)

This is the second time, that I am being tagged and by now, have fairly understood how a tag actually works. Velu had a great post with all the beautiful pictures, and when he tagged me, I guess the post, was all the more awe inspiring for me. Since this is a tag with pictures, I guess this must be easier for me.
So here goes…

Most Desired Celebrity

Shobhana has been an all-time favourite actress and such a beautiful woman, elegant and graceful. She is also such an amazing dancer and a well-known teacher of Bharathanatyam, having dedicated her life to dance, research and teaching.

She is a real role model, for any celebrity with a dashing mix of beauty and knowledge. With a National Award for acting, for the movie ‘Manichitrathazhu’ in her kitty, she is unbeatable. Her acting ventures have been less in recent times, but she keeps her dance school busy and also acts when given a good role in movies occasionally. She is truly for me, a most desired celebrity as well as a great inspiration.


Want to visit this Place

I would just love to get lost, in the thick lush lap of Mother Nature, in the Amazon Rain forest, with all the amazing and colourful range of fauna and flora, a trip which is sheer ecstasy. To be so oblivious of all human existence, to be a sole adam, in this garden of eden, is a lifetime dream.

Want to do this someday.

A nicely lit room, with not a worry in the world, having a machine( a good laptop ) and sit and type away an exotic story, to vent all my creative energy into that one big book, the work of a lifetime. Hope I seriously get to do this.!!!


. .


Random Favourite.

This is one picture, I have always kept with me, since my college days, I have never used it as my desktop background, but still open it daily once, and have a look at it to refresh myself. The landscape, the big tree, sunlight breaking in from the skies, the sheep grazing lazily, there`s something so peaceful about the picture, that I get peaceful when I look at it for long, when I am totally burned out.


Man behind the Scenes

A snapshot of Velu`s post.


. .

And I now take great privilege in tagging long-time blog pal Maya, Ever encouraging Scribblez, New found friend Sandeep Menon, who has a great collection of pictures on his blog, Gaurav, you too if you get the time and finally my “Tom Sawyer” friend Country Fellow. Also inviting anyone who wishes to take up this tag, to do so too. I dont remember if any of you have done this already, so if you haven`t go ahead..!


Velu Nair said...


*Wow* A perennial fav actress of mine. Hv watched almost all her films without fail. Wish I cud get to see more of her on screen, these days. She's one of those names that spell CLASS.

The Amazon.
Now that seems to be quite an exciting destination. Errr... looks like the place might be infested with snakes, though. U sure its gonna be safe? ;)

A Brightly lit room where u cud be at peace with urself, doing what u love the most ~ seems like an idyllic haunt to me, taken straight out of a Walter Scott novel.:) Kewl!!

And where on earth did u find that pic? The inspiration is all too evident and the positivism that it spreads around obvious. Have saved that for further use! :)

Great Job!Great Tag!Great Blogger!
Need I say more?

a country fellow said...

ok, i hate tags. seriously hate them. but i will do this. if i dont like it, i will delete it after a week. plus i dont know how to go about them. i will jus do what u did, ok?


Yo Srijith...shobana, she is just awesome...Good stuff...work from home, it will be a reality in a while, not sure of the space of the home as depends on your affordibility etc etc...But working like tht is near...Amazon, wht about the Anaconda??? I am so scred of tht creature...:) :)

I shall do this tag by beginning of next week...Am travelling over this weekend and hope to get some pictures taken of some places I like....If I dont like any of those things, I shall do it wht I have etc tec...Starry too has tagged me for the same so now I am double pressured to do it!! :)

Srijith Unni said...

@Velu : Thanks my dear friend., for giving me some reasons to hit back at the blog.! I was sort of feeling down, you livened it up for me. I have sort of started to like tags

@A Country fellow : you know what? I perfectly understand what you feel, because I have felt the same before, because there is this anxiety, whether we will be able to do a good job of it. and also whether these are the things we really want to blog about, but in thew end, you learn to like it a lot, and sometimes we end up learning about ourselves. Finally, this tag thing is totally upto you my friend.. No compulsions whatsoever...!! :)

@Scribblez: She is.. Isn`t she..? and about amazon.. no I am not scared of Anaconda.. nice fat snake that is.. No.. scribblez, it`s not just about work from home. It`s about the work I am doing too. I want to write more and more.. Not Software Engineering :( Do it at leisure, scribblez.. :) I`m always around here.

priya said...

She is really beautiful isn't she.. I finally tagged and tried my best Unni. If you have time take a look at it.
Great pictures...
You have done a wonderful job!!!

JamesBright said...

Sobhana is a good actress and her talent for dancing is well known.
Writing the book is one of the greatest things you can do!
The Amazon rain forests are my obsession too.
The landscape is beautiful.
Altogether, beautiful work.
My congratulations.

Helen Wang said...

Your pictures are awesome and your words are inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

starry nights said...

Shobhana..my favorite too, love her dancing.
Amazon is on my list too, never been there.
I love that random favorite of yours.makes such a peaceful world.

passerby55 said...

good tag...tags help to read the person within, in and out, and far away

so srijith likes Classical, green and yellow ...

adventurous, the amazon the right place for it....

laptop and a well lit room....wow! luking forward to read that book.

the last picture, you a country side person. I pray and wish all your dreams come true.

Srijith, is the William Wordsworth of this blogworld....hurray!

Deepak said...

Interested in finding the Amazon warrior women? :P

If so, count me in for the journey. :D

neermathalam said...

shobana looks so gorgeous...in the pic u have posted....
and amazon....who doesnt love it...
I also wanna go for a boat ride through amazon...

Rose said...

Aaaaah!! Shobhana is Shobhana is Shobhana...

And u really can do what u wana do, cant you??



Dew Drops said...

that was an awsme pic of shobhana .. good post

Srijith Unni said...

@priya: Hi Priya, Saw your tag too, you`ve done a beautiful job! Shall be blogrolling you shortly.. I`ve been waiting to update it again. Thanks for your comments.

@Jamesbright:Thanks a lot for the appreciation. It was really nice of you to drop by.. Nice to know you are able to relate to the things I like..:)

@Helen Wang: Helen, thanks a lot.. The pictures are good.. but words.. they are not as inspiring as yours, helen!

@Starry Nights: Yes, nice to know that many people share my taste.. And that random favourite.. yes I know it`s nice.. No wonder it`s been with me all this while.. :)

@passerby55:You know what? that`s the best compliment, I can get.! you may be belittling "William Wordsworth", but I have to agree that he has been one of the greatest inspirations for me, and is my favourite poet.! Thanks for trying to find out who I am.. YOu truly did a great job! :)

@deepak: Sure,!! All that`s part of a trip to the Amazon, I guess, Deepak! Shall sure invite you then.. ;-) Thanks a lot for asking!

@neermathalam:Hi there, buddy.. Welcome in here..! :) Visited yours too..nice one.. Thanks for dropping by.. Do come back!

@Rose: YOu said it right! Shobhana is Shobhana is Shobhana..! And about doing it.. I could maybe, but all this work, I am currently doing, other commitments and the lack of such an environment and the absence of a laptop ;-), I guess are the only barriers.. In short time, Rose.. In short time..

@Dewdrop: Yes, that`s one pice, not easily found on the net.. It sort of fuses the actress and danseue in Shobhana, doesn`t it? Thanks for the appreciation.

Friends, Thanks a lot for your comments and visits. I am glad to know that this tag has helped me in reaching out to you too..

Palaniappan N said...

Good one..
The top two are my favorites too..
But if you want to have a machine( a good laptop ) and sit, then you may need to wait till 2009 ;-)

Kakshi said...

Hey nice ones...
especially the picture...its indeed beautiful..

Hiren said...

Wonderful photographs. Good to know about somebody like Shobhana.

Srijith Unni said...

@Palaniappan : Thanks for the appreciation and BTW,, about the laptop.. Hmm.. I shall get it before that.. :)

@Kakshi : Yes..I love to have pictures on my posts, and for this picture tag, felt that it had to be more colourful. :) Thanks for visiting.

@Hiren : Nice to know that you got to know about her through me. :)Thanks for the appreciation..:) Welcome in here..! DO come back..

Maya Cassis said...

Hey again,Sri!
Hmmm I have been ask to do this tag by two people now,including you :)
and to start with...Shobana....Va Va Voom.I have always wanted to learn Bharatnatyam...and even if I do follow it at this stage,I would definitely go and learn from someone as iconic as her.
I had seen her once when I was a kid dining in chennai(then Madras) with her father.But at that time,she was just another celebrity.but as the years passed and so did the movies,recent ones of her that I saw was Dance like a Man,and the one made by Revathi(which is one of my absolute favs...blaming my memory right now for not coming up with the name.
She was marvellous in them.I want to see her in more movies soon,hopefully.
Very versatile.

Ah the Amazon rain forest...bring outs the creature in me.Wish i could go there too...just awesome.

Hope you seriously get to do that someday too...that would be awesome.

Loved this tag..will attempt it soon after doing some rounds in the blogosphere.:)

Srijith Unni said...

@Maya : I must be thankful to you, a lot, because you were the first person to tag me, and then I didn`t know about tags, and today, when I tag you, I feel infinitely happy. The name of that movie is 'Mitr - My Friend'..!
Thanks a lot for all the appreciation and support you`ve given me. :)

Ajay said...

wat else must i say:)
a nice way to reply d tag :)

RandomThoughts said...

One of the most interesting tags I've read!
Awesome photographs!

Absolutely great taste!


Maya Cassis said...

sri,infinitely happy,eh?
good,I like feeling infinitely happy too..makes one feel so light,right?
well,Mitr...i could only remember the friend part of it..i like those kinda movies alot.
I went for a movie Corporate,was ok but wished I had stayed at home and seen it on CD,rather.
anyway enjoy your sunday.:) and perhaps come up with some great writing as always :)

Neers said...

me too likes Shobhana! and i love that brightly lit room and laptop funda... i would love to do the same! umm... okay,i dont really know what tags are... except maybe in strict technical sense... :)

Haider Droubi said...

save lebanon,,stop the killng of civilians

Srijith Unni said...

@Ajay:Hi there..! Looong time, buddy.. Thanks for your appreciation.. !

@Rashmi: Welcome in here.. :) Thanks for your words of encouragement. Nice to know that you liked my taste.

@Maya: Oh.. I too was planning to go watch Corporate, but couldn`t find the time..:) Hope you had a nice time however, in the weekend..

@Neers : Hello.! :) Welcome in here.. yeah tags are a bit tough to understand, but in a while, you`ll get the knack of it. Thanks for visiting.

@Haider Droubi : I saw it in the news Haider. Real Sad.! Nice to know you are spreading some awareness.

Ram said...

Great Tag, Sri...sorry for being out of touch...life's good I hope...


Srijith Unni said...

@Ram : Glad to see your comment, Ram! It`s been a loooooong time, and you`ve been awfully busy, as I can see. Do drop in often.. Life is better then :)

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