Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Mark of Protest.

Pic Courtesy - Suraj
This is a mark of protest to show and spread the word, that bloggers shall not take things lying down. Fight and take measures against terrorism, Dont try to pin charges upon the people, who have just come out of trauma.
To access blogs, please use .
Info courtesy Satheesh, Amol, Scribblez
Info courtesy - Satheesh
Let us not take this lying down.!!!


AJITH said...

this has got more to do with ISPs rather than govt...Ofcourse, banning a site is not gonna work in this world of proxies..but can't understand why ISPs blocked and sites like that entirely.


Man..Have been trying to open this comments page for so long n finally managed to do it!

Well, I dont see purpose of doing this.

Even if they wanted to block, I would expect more rational reasoning or statement which would be sound and imperative to national security or cause for communcal riots etc.

Since none of those have been provided excpet for a statement tht terrorsits communicate via blogs which is not something I would accept.

I stand by this protest.

BTW do give me your wordpress link.

surajsharma said...

Thanks a lot for supporting the blue ribbon, we're really getting a lot of support and it just goes to show how strong we are, as a community.

starry nights said...

Thanks for all this info srijith.I support all the indian bloggers on this.

Gaurav Jain said...

i'm not sure if the ban is still on or has been lifted. but one thing is for sure - this is an act of total 'stupidity' and 'foolishness'. stupidity because the government doesn't know that by banning blog sites, blogs will continue to work (and I don't blame them because the people who took the decision didn't konw the abcd of internet or blogs). foolishness because now the whole world knows that indian govt blocked blog sites in a move to counter terrorism, and made a fool of itself.

I support your initiative.

Jigs said...

I totally support freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the blogging world!

Srijith Unni said...

@ajith : I agree, ISP`s are more to blame, because they do not have either the foresight, or do not seem to have the technical expertise to block only the mentioned sites alone. Government must also realize that all the people who visit these sites are not going to be totally uneducated and swayed by these kind of inflammatory websites.

@Scribblez: Oh...! Is something wrong with my site..? I thought you weren`t in India., then what could be the problem..?! Thanks for your support. My wordpress link Haven`t fully edited the site, just migrated, so that it serves as a backup.. I must say, I definitely prefer blogspot..!

@Suraj:Yes.. I hope the ban is lifted soon.

@Starry: Thanks for your support, starry..

@Gaurav: The ban is still on, I guess, but it might be lifted soon, is what i saw on the news sites..and about the politicians.. 100% agreed..! You made a point there..!

@Jigs: YOu`re right. The blogging world is a virtual utopia of a community, where such problems shouldn`t exist.

Friends, thanks for all your support.! Let us hope the ban is lifted soon..!

Reshmi said...

The voice of bloggers ver well conveyed..!!

Reshmi said...

The voice of bloggers ver well conveyed..!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

no we know the truth .. it has nothing to do w/ the govt. am so glad our country is still free and democratic

Ajay said...

bravo dude
i am with u
whole heartedly.

Maya Cassis said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Maya Cassis said...

sorry comment deleted was me....made some silly errors.
glad to see some of us are protesting actively while the tired lot are resting and to see the result of it was met with success.Bravo Sreejith!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just want to say what a nice site. Bye, see you soon.

Srijith Unni said...

@Reshmi : Thanks Reshmi.. I`m glad it was..

@Deepa : Yeah, the ISP`s are to blame.. Nice to hear that..:)

@Ajay : Hey Joey Boy, thanks for the support.

@Maya : Yeah, there is an active protest, and i guess it worked..:)

and Anonynmous, thanks for the appreciation, but dont spam me..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


Kakshi said...

its a shame..inspite of being the biggest democracy..we have such stupid laws being enforced on us..
BTW...i wonder at times are we really democratic...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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