Sunday, January 21, 2007

Divinity on Earth

There are different kinds of values, different kinds of virtues, that we see in this world. We like all of them. But there is this one virtue that is truly powerful and leaves us overpowered by emotion. That is truly forgiveness.

It is forgiveness which binds humanity strongly despite all the bloodshed, spite and violence , which we have silently witnessed and endured. When someone wrongs you, our first and most humane instinct is to fight back, but it takes a brave man or woman to let go and forgive. It is this noble virtue of all virtues that keeps the world going on and on.

Unknowingly or knowingly we wrong a lot of people. We do not really even know at times of the other person`s existence at all, yet it happens. And the most important part is that we get forgiven a lot. Both are blessed, the forgiving and the forgiven.

It was recently while reading about Mother Theresa, I came across this interesting anecdote. Mother Theresa, once while walking in the streets of Bengal, saw in a garbage dump, an old woman, with barely any clothes, left there to die. Her face had been half eaten already by ants and rats. There was just that small tidbit of life left hanging in her body with hope.

Mother Theresa brought the lady to her home for the Dying and nursed her and prayed for her. She found out that the lady had been thrown there by her own son. In those last moments, before her tormented soul left her body, she was asked to pray to the lord and to forgive her son, by mother. She, with tears in her eyes said, "I forgive my son, my child I love him, Thank You", and then passes away.

What really struck me most about the story was how the lady seemed to regain some peace and happiness in her broken heart as she became one with divinity in those moments of forgiveness. The truth is forgiveness is not at all easy. It is not practical and hence it is the most apt example of being a divine virtue. We, as humans have never been able to forgive, be it in the form of riots, or in the form of capital punishment, we seek our revenge with a monstrous passion, which is frightening.

Therefore in every moment of our life, we come across these situations, where we just cannot keep quiet, we fight with our brothers, with our sisters, our society. Our mind has not been capable of maturing with the ages. But Life always seems most colourful and full of hope in those rare moments where we witness some divine act of forgiveness. These incidents are few and far but they do exist. Let us learn to forgive. It is surely the right path towards that which we seek in our quest to completion of meaning for our lives. Forgiveness is truly a work of art. Let us become those great artists who can paint those masterful strokes of forgiveness upon our lives, thereby crafting portraits of divinity upon earth for the generations to come and learn.

To preach is not what I yearn for. Just making a mental note of those small things which I learn from life, which I hope to note down and share.


Sreejith Kumar said...

Well articulated! The anecdote you gave is enough to convey the emotions and peace surrounding forgiveness.

monsoon-dreams said...

hi srijith,
how true!forgiveness brings inner peace.but sometimes our mind is ruled by frustration,anger and revenge that we just cant forgive and forget.

Sunil Parmar said...

Hello Srijith!
It's very well said & nicely written.
What I follow & believe is that when someone does wrong to me, he has already made the mistake by doing the wrong so my efforts must be not to make another mistake by thinking of revenge. So i forgive those who tend to harm me.:)

You seem very busy these days....when'll your net get all rite?

iamvisheshur said...

nice one!!
learn toforgive your enemy..
but never forgive treason...
never.....for forgiving that is like saying let me lose myself ...

priya said...

Its a good post Unni. Forgiveness needs a big heart when you think you are pure to take/accept others no matter how others humiliate you.

Keshi said...

Forgiveness is very imp to me...I try to practise it as much as I preach it. Cos its not easy.


Sunil Parmar said...

Thank you for your email...:)
Have a nice time.

Deepak said...

Both are blessed, the forgiving and the forgiven.

Words of wisdom!!!

I think I have ounces of this ability. I never keep a grudge for a very long time because I forget easily. Don't know about the forgive part! Guess that is implicit in forgetfulness :)

Good insightful post.

starry nights said...

Really a very inspiring post and something we all can learn .Forgiveness.I think it takes a very courageous and strong person who can forgive another.A very well written post.

Srijith Unni said...

@Sreejith: The anecdote was in a big way, the very inspiration for this post, I would say. :)

@Monsoon-dreams : Yes and it is in conquering that anger and frustration that we really stand to gain. It`s tough but really good.!

@Sunil: A beautiful point, Sunil. Revenge is just a second mistake. That was very thoughtful of you. Yeah I think my net is temporarily all right..! Dont know whether it `ll get blocked again. :)

@Vishesh: Treason, again is something that which we find the most tough to forgive, but perhaps in losing ourselves repeatedly we are also reforming the perpetrator. Perhaps..!

@Priya: A very wide heart, Priya.. and that`s why it`s important that we learn to forgive :)

@Keshi: I agree, a very tough thing to do it, seriously is.. that`s why it is so noble of all virtues.

@Deepak : :).. Yeah I guess it is.. I remember forgetting a lot of things, and later when I meet people, I just talk like old friends. But would we forgive if we hadn`t the chance to actually forget.! Do give it a thought..!

@Starry: Yes it surely requires courage, it requires patience and a big heart, so in forgiving you almost become divine.


I always go by the saying " I will forgive, but I wont forget" After reading this I believe that unless I have forgotten I would not have forgiven completely as if I have, why would I want to remember. I think I just got an eye opener man..Good one!

jac said...

Easy to say yet so difficult to adapt.

A really worthy presentation.

Srijith Unni said...

@Scribblez: Yes Scribblez, you must forget. Forgive first and then forget. Thank You..!

@Jac: Thanks a lot, Jac..!

passerby55 said...

"but it takes a brave man or woman to let go and forgive"....absolutely right.

Giving away one's ego is not easy.
To forgive is to give away a little bit of "yourself" We all are so glued to ourselves that we would never give that away. Most of us can share a little of our belongings, but only a few can share their "selves" with us.

Allow yourself to experience the glorious freedom of forgiveness. Besides an act of bravery its being intelligent and practical because then you choose a way to move forward.

YOur post says it all Srijith, it really needs no comment, but to accept and follow all that you wrote and said here.

Ardra said...

when I stop thinking of myself as someone significant- in the sense of giving too much of importance to my thoughts and feelings- it becomes easier to let go of bitterness- when the concepts of doer/receiver is set aside then the sense of having been wronged also dissolves.
Still getting there...
Hi Srijith!

Seema said...

A very well conveyed one !
Truly meaningful n valuable virtue i must say it is to forget n difficult but nothing like trying n reinforcing these values time n again..that really helps !

Lavanya said...

I guess you can forgive once the anger wears off. The pain from betrayal though felt makes you vulnerable but anger is the real stopper

chitra said...

I had posted something similar the title was to forgive and forget.

Please do give it a read.

Balaji said...

very interesting article. very well articulated.