Monday, January 08, 2007

A Moment of Need.

Art Print By Richard Hall, pic courtesy

As human beings part of this great truth called Life, this great reality called the universe, we are all part of a perhaps pre-planned routine of nature, where we do our duties, do our time and then wait for the truth and reality to envelope us into it`s fold, thereby making us immortal or leaving us satisfied that there has been a lending of meaning to our otherwise seemingly monotonous lives. We may have faltered, or grown strong and yet we still do yearn for that something, that something which will drive us with great passion towards a new dawn during every sunrise.

After 25 years of life on earth I can sense, my mind struggling in a state of restlessness and agitation. I wouldn`t really call it a quarter life crisis, rather a sudden moment of anxiousness trying to make meaning out of these 25 years. I realize that I need more. I need that something which can stimulate my passion for life.

What is it that I need more and why do I need it, is what I am seeking to find and discover, and the first place, I am going to look for these answers is within myself. This new year, as usual, I made no resolutions, but it`s not because I am perfect or have done wholesome things, but because I need some guidance, I need some relief from the pace of this routine. I need some dead moments in which I can plan and draw out things and travel with that soul of mine. I do not know whether I will be successful but there is this patience in me to persevere.

It is a moment of need, not just for me as an individual, but for the greater fabric of society as well, and I trace my identity in a comparison of my challenges, with the greater challenges of the society on the whole. It is a new year, but has it been happy around the world. Let us look at India itself for example, as we start this year we are already witness to the most brutal and inhuman aspect of the human mind, in the context of Noida Killing or be it the incidents of abduction or violence against children reported at several places.

Where to, we are moving together as a society is the most dreaded question rising in our minds. We might not have water, we might not have forests, wildlife, farmland in the near future, but more frightening is the situation wherein we are not sure whether there will be any kind of humanity left in human beings. We talk about economic development alone, we talk about conservation of nature, but will there come a stage where mankind has to start the process of conservation and purification of the human mind, with moral values and humanity as a virtue. Will the need arise for a global and universal social and spiritual revolution. Only change is permanent and in the hope that things will change for the common good, I continue my search for sense of completion, a quest for the meaning and reasoning of this wonderful earthly existence.


iamvisheshur said...

you should read paulo will help you..
you urself told that we are here is to perform our duty..
remember for the unknown to manifest itself evil will exceed the good..
there is only one permanent thing in this world that is love...

if you have faith in yourself feel free to drop everything and take up what you feel is rite...
remember "the whole universe will
conspire in favor of u"so be ready to sterp out....

pl.i know im talking toooooooo be ofended i cant help it..

alex said...

The photo is really thought provoking.

Experience 'love'. :)

May you know all that you want to know.

starry nights said...

I think all of us sometimes go through this phase in our lives,the need and to understand our presence in this world.It is good to take some time off and re evaluate and see what you need to do.maybe just a mini vacation will help.You are just a baby(25 years is very little time on this earth)You have your whole life ahead of you.

Keshi said...

I always wondered what my purpose on Earth is...will I ever find out what it is? I really dont know. But I continue in this life doing what I can the best. Spreading love and cheer.


chitra said...

Best of luck, May you find the answer to your quest and if you do, you willbe another Buddha.

It is reallly appaling at where humanity is driving to, while all NGOs are working for to save our environment, there should be one to save humanity.

Srijith Unni said...

@Vishesh : Yeah i understand what you`re saying, coming from a paulo coelho fan like you. I`ve read in "The Alchemist" how the entire universe comes to support you, Why would I be offended, I`m simply more than happy that you have shared a lot of valuable thoughts in here.

@Alex: Yeah it is titled "Silent Moment". A really thought provoking one, yes.! Yes 'love' is definitely there, Alex. Thanks for your words of support, my friend and philosopher :)

@Starry : Thanks for reminding me, that I`m a baby hee hee :) Yeah you`re right 25 years may be short, but looking around me I see a lot of people who are younger than me and yet having achieved recognition in their contribution to society and life, which leaves me wanting for more from myself.

Spreading love and cheer - That is trademark KESHI..!! and that is why you are so loved..! :)

@Chitra: Thanks a lot, Chitra, I don`t know whether i will become like Budha, but would sure want to learn more, to get enlightened more. Yes Humanity needs to be conserved. I think it cannot be done by one single person. It will surely require a mass movement of sorts.

alex said...

:) My pleasure.

I see a change in your display pic? signifies something?

Marutham said...

Welcome bak srijith,
:) a very cute post...
As usual it went great with ur own special style of writing!
:D And what happend? Why have u put this pic up? :)

Helen Wang said...

Another beautifully written and reflective essay. The new year is always a time for reflection.... Happy searching!

Sunil Parmar said...

Hello Srijith!
this is my first time on your blog and i really don't have's simply amazing.

Regarding this thoughtful post of yours i would say:"Life is a journey not the destination." Waters seem muddled...but still our search must never end......

Srijith Unni said...

@Alex: The picture represents the journey of the soul, on the chariot symbolising the body, the charioteer, the mind, the horses the five senses and so on. It is a philosophy attributed to the process of acquiring Salvation as per the Bhagawad Gita

@Marutham: Thanks a lot.. Yeah I just changed the picture for a while. This one I found on Wikipedia, and liked it so put it up as my profile pic.

@Helen : Yes Well Said, Helen.. New year is truly a time for reflection. Thanks :)

@Sunil : Welcome Sunil. Just visited your blog. A real cool one. Yes Sunil.. I will keep searching.. Thanks for these pep words.

alex said...


Ok. So that is what it means. It clearly explains 'you' now. :)

Sunil Parmar said...

I always saw your name on the blog roll but i thought you as Sreejith...{my blogging friend}:).

I think i missed a big thing till now....:)

passerby55 said...

With mere "After 25 years of life on earth ..." IF you can sense this,
"We talk about economic development alone, we talk about conservation of nature, but will there come a stage where mankind has to start the process of conservation and purification of the human mind, with moral values and humanity as a virtue"

I would simply say "BRAVO"
YOu have found the ULTIMATE Expression of a good life.

It's a pity people think they can achieve purification by bathing in holy waters ...

Srijith you are spot right we all need a PURIFICATION of Mind ...
The post is with a wonderful message for 2007...have a great year ahead!

priya said...

A good post asusual Unni. Looks like you have dedicated yourself for your birhtday huh..

As I busy changing to 3 column tempalte I didn't drop in here.

Sreejith Kumar said...

Frankly speaking, I abhor Gandhi. But I like him for one of his quotes; something like 'The change you are looking for in the society should be you'.... Not the exact words, but something like this.. If we take that, we can find what we are here for.... A pretty good item this too...! :-)

Re: Sunil Parmar

Many Sreejiths are there Sunil... :-) Most of our other friends know this talented man too.... Really, this is a great place to visit.

Srijith Unni said...

@Alex: Thanks Alex..:)

@Sunil : It`s never late to catch up.. What say..?

@Passerby55: Thanks for your encouraging comments to start with in 2007. Yeah the message needs to really be got across..!

@Priya: Thanks :) Saw the new 3 column template.. it`s awesome and so informational too..

@Sreejith: That`s nice, that you actually quoted Gandhi.. ;) But you`re right self discovery is a must, before we find the bigger cause, and thanks for that recommendation..! ;)

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