Monday, January 15, 2007

Silent Valley

Like the small flowers of green thick hills
With fragrance, did her words; bloom
Wild yet passionate in love, are the tribal's
So was hers, for them and theirs

Sad was her heart, at the jungle's ruin
Starved was her pen, of any words
To the children, she lent a voice, therein
To save the jungle, her poetry and birds

While planting seeds, with hope they croon
Cast your magic, of life, dearest monsoon
As the clouds poured, and lent some life
To life, the jungle sprang, and they all sang

Like the mother herself, she nursed and cared
Days later, the deers came smiling
For lifetimes, shall the tribals sing, her praise
Her story of life, her pen; still flowing.
This is a small tribute to noted Malayalam poetess and social activist, PadmaShri SugathaKumari, who through her beautiful gems of poetry, refreshed the love for forests and also organized the Adivasi people into infusing life once again into the once dead forest at Attapady, in Kerala. These words are dedicated as a mark of respect for her efforts in bringing back the forests.

I wish to thank, noted writer and good friend, Scharada Bail, through whose book,"Icons of Social Change", I came to know of this extraordinary work of this great poetess, who has also won the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award.

P.S: This is to inform all blogger friends, that due to a new internet usage policy at my workplace, I have been deprived of access to blogger, to write new posts and comment on other wonderful posts in the blogosphere, and also to reply to your most encouraging and inspiring comments. I shall not be capable of blogging as frequently as I had or rather desperately want to, but shall always be reading your blogs. Please remember, I shall always be there, just an email away.


Sunil Parmar said...

Thanks for sharing this with her...
Beautiful words. I never heard this name but now i would like to read more about her.:)

priya said...

Wonderful as usual:-))

Sugababee said...

its great to see individuals using their talents for such a good cause... koodos to her!

iamvisheshur said...

amazing poem!!!!
the beld is perfect it shows a lot of info abt the character of the person
can you tell more abt the person??

passerby55 said...

Hello Srijith,

Those who Use creativity for a noble/ social cause are rare. They are those who have found a purpose in their life and give back to nature what they took from it..
Incidentally, we all have such potentials but we never realise them.

Thankyou for this informative and inspiring post.

lalitha said...

Thanks for sharing this poem.I had never heard of this person and would like to read more of her poems.

Marutham said...

Very cute ! :)
I have never heard of her before..but seems a wonderfully talented person.
:( Will miss ur comments so much...
comments straight from heart!

Ajay said...

the pic suits d post and vice a versa.
sad u cant go bloghopping

Sreejith Kumar said...

Hope this is not a parting post... Do post again.. Weekends are for us mate! I am also a traveler in the same boat..

By the way, a very good post...

Srijith Unni said...

@Sunil : Thanks Sunil. It`s nice to know that you`ve got interested. However most of her writings and poetry is in Malayalam and there aren`t much translations. This poem, is written by me and is just a small tribute to her works. Her poetry is infinitely superior.

@Priya: Thanks for being there, priya.

@Sugababee : Yes, talents must go for such wonderful causes. Kudos to her.. thank you.!

@Vishesh : Thanks Vishesh. I only recently read about her and her work. Will surely let you know when I learn more.

@Passerby55: Yes, we need to realize our potentials and give back to nature. Please guide me passerby.. How do I do that in my life. Where do I start.? Seriously looking forward to your reply.

@Lalitha: Most of her writings and poetry is in Malayalam and there aren`t much translations. This poem, is written by me and is just a small tribute to her works. Her poetry is infinitely superior.I will surely let you know, if i came across something.

@Marutham: Thanks a lot, dear..! There are so many interesting people, who we can turn to for inspiration. She is an example. I too will miss posting on your blog..

@Ajay: Thanks Ajay..!Yeah pretty sad.. I cant go.. I`m trying to do my best ..

@Sreejith: Thanks mate.. Dont worry.. I`m Damn sure, this is not a parting post